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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:58pm 03/03/10 | 21 Comments
THQ have let loose the first ever screens for the Relic Entertainment-developed Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines, a third-person action adventure 'hack and slash', squad-based shooter set in the famous 40K universe.

There's currently no official release date for the game, but it will be landing on Xbox 360 and PS3 with no mention of the PC thus far (fingers crossed though).

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:02pm 03/3/10
Well, they did release a video of the game running almost a year ago, when it was being developed by the Brisbane studio. These aren't really the first look of the game.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:03pm 03/3/10
that video, from memory, wasn't in-game footage
Posted 01:09pm 03/3/10
they look more like concept art then screenshots.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:21pm 03/3/10
it's in-game apparently
Posted 01:56pm 03/3/10
i'm with groganus - this game has either supremely awesome graphics or they're telling porkies
Posted 02:04pm 03/3/10
Looks like in-game to me.
Posted 02:53pm 03/3/10
They look mice mainly due to graphic tricks like motion blur as so forth, used to hide things like low-res textures as is evident in the first pic on the orks arm and pants.

I'de almost forgotten about this game though I thought it was canned, good to see it's still being worked on.
Posted 03:13pm 03/3/10
that video, from memory, wasn't in-game footage

I'm talking about the video that was being commentated by the developers. It was in-game. They were saying stupid made-up buzz-words like "cinem-action moments." Most links to the video now have all been taken down at the request of THQ. It wasn't a trailer, it was more like a hands-on preview.
Posted 03:53pm 03/3/10
They might be ingame screenshots, but it looks like they've had a pass through photoshop as well. They also look way too posed to be actual gameplay, so maybe its done "in-engine", but I'm not convinced its actual gameplay.

Meh, I guess we'll see more soon enough.

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Posted 04:48pm 03/3/10
haha. the lens flare on the space marines shoulder is a dead give away.
Posted 05:20pm 03/3/10
there screen shots from the cgi of the first dawn of war game
Posted 05:28pm 03/3/10
Not to get all geeky, but they're definitely not, cos those are Ultramarines in the screenshots, and Dawn of War was about Blood Ravens.

And in less geeky terms, the space marines above are blue, the ones in Dawn of War are red.
Posted 06:31pm 03/3/10
Also the CGI intros for dawn of war were much better graphics than those screens, as I said its all flashy camera tricks to hide the low res textures.
Posted 06:32pm 03/3/10
"They are pulled from the latest game engine not artwork" - Ruined (Relic Dev) -
Posted 06:42pm 03/3/10
Find that hard to believe. This looks like a GoW rip-off and should actually work surprisingly.
Posted 12:11am 04/3/10
It's in-game. The textures are too rough on the shoulders of the green bastards (name escapes me). It's definitely been passed through PS though.
Posted 12:58am 04/3/10
It's good eye candy. It will be a fairly shallow gaming experience but may entertain for a few hours. I'd like to see how THQ is handling the IP before they reveal the MMO at E3.
Posted 01:00am 04/3/10
It's in-game. The textures are too rough on the shoulders of the green bastards (name escapes me). It's definitely been passed through PS though.

Name escapes you? They're Orks god dammit! you know who the tooth fairy is don't you? honestly some people.
Posted 01:12am 04/3/10
Orks are gay... just putting it out there.
Posted 01:44am 04/3/10
I'd like to see how THQ is handling the IP

I assume THQ will be handling the IP the same way they've been handling it for the past 5 years or so? That is, pretty f*****g awesomely.
Posted 11:19am 04/3/10
Haha, sorry Blue :P It was late and I was tired :(
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