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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:28pm 02/03/10 | 6 Comments
DM pointed it out in our forums not so long ago, but it's proven a rather large, worldwide, issue, with Sony even throwing out on Twitter that "we're aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we're looking into it. Stay tuned for updates."

Theories range from hackers to Y2Feb, to just broken code. Whatever the cause though, avoid switching on your PS3 in the interim until the situation is fixed, if only to avoid any length update downloads should your data be corrupted. Sony are promising the situation will be addressed as quickly as possible and we'll let you know as soon as they let us know.

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Posted 08:54pm 02/3/10
... mine is churning and making the loudest noises.... xmb only?
Posted 08:54pm 02/3/10
why is my pic snake, I hate that guy.
Posted 08:54pm 02/3/10
mario much cooler
Posted 08:58pm 02/3/10
The issue seems to of resolved itself. Most people are saying their PS3s work now, and the ones that still have incorrect date simply have to tell it to update the time via the net, for everything to be back to normal. Sony havn't issued an official fix yet but since the problem has resolved itself i'm sure it'll go into the next firmware update.
Posted 09:05pm 02/3/10
Bit late steve, the problem is resolved... internal clock error.. once the systems work out that its not a leap year it fixes up good.

I think you should of used the time writing this article to write a detailed hate letter to Sony on why there games suck so much given that's the general ausgamer reviewer opinion based on your (as in the ausgamer review staff) bias reviews and how they could have such a major flaw in there consoles with out noticing...

Please note this post is pure satire on all the Sony fanboys.. i happen to be one... But not the type that cares what review scores there small game library gets.
Posted 11:48pm 02/3/10
Sounds like groganus has some sand in his vagina, on a side note though would be cool if you guys could write up an article on whats happening over at Activision and IW if you aren't already working on it. I heard that the two heads of IW got fired after getting picked up by some bouncers.
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