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Post by trog @ 06:11pm 27/02/10 | 19 Comments
One of the most anticipated and ambitious games for the PlayStation 3 has finally landed! Heavy Rain boasts amazing photo-realistic graphics and a complex, intricate storyline as it attempts to carve out a niche as something almost entirely different in the ever-changing world of video games.

We've taken the game for an extensive spin over the last week, and from the looks of things this is definitely something that PS3 owners will be able to lord over their gaming brethren as a really solid exclusive title. Check out the AusGamers review for the lowdown.

heavy rainplaystation 3
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:14pm 27/2/10
Coolest part of the game so far (4 1/2 hours in and my controller f*****g broke) is when controlling jayden, and you are selecting the theme of his office. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE S*** LIKE THIS!?
Posted 06:45pm 27/2/10
Heh, yeah, I find myself walking in circles a bit, and walking past things I'm trying to interact with, it seems its a bit hard to get your character to make small corrections at times. Like I'd be next to something, and just wanted to turn a little to face it, but instead would end up turning 180 degrees and walking away from it.

Minor gripe though, apart from that, I'm loving it.
Posted 07:01pm 27/2/10
Looks interesting, but still won't get me into buying a PS3. YOU'LL PRY THE MOUSE FROM MY COLD, DEAD HAND!!

BTW, you guys need to rethink your photo gallery layout... it has to be one of the most annoying ones around.

Check out JQuery Scrollable for an easy to implement example. You could then add a click event on the actual image to open the original in a new window.

This combo could work too: Combinations demo
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 07:22pm 27/2/10
I think I'm getting pretty close the end now, the start was boring as heck, but it's really picked up and I'm enjoying it.
Posted 07:38pm 27/2/10
Been looking forward to playing this. Time to dust off the PS3
Posted 09:32pm 27/2/10
pretty epic game, whilst the controls are lulz sometimes it really does add to making the story and characters engaging.

some really tense moments, i probably havent been so on the edge of my seat playing a game since my frustrations with the flashlight in doom3.. which is a bad analogy but what ever.
Posted 10:56pm 27/2/10
I played this through in 1 go. Got to be around 530am but it was worth it however I was annoyed at the end when I had been going so well the whole game in completing things and so forth and then i screw up a few button presses and a character dies or something else that I wont go too into happens and really messed up the ending for me but it was still a kind of good ending but it did leave me going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO GOD DAMNIT.

I didn't have too much trouble with the walking controls I found it hard to switch from the traditional holding the analog stick in the direction to just tapping it only when i wanted to change direction.

However there were certainly some very mentally tough decisions that really did make me stop and think and also some very tough physical decisions in way of the game of twister being played with my fingers.

In the end though I absolutely loved it and can't wait to play it again.
Posted 08:18am 28/2/10
i heard this game is really ambitions.
Posted 08:23am 28/2/10
totes ambitions
Posted 11:45am 28/2/10
some very tough physical decisions in way of the game of twister being played with my fingers

Yeah, just did the butterfly trial with Ethan, with the electric condensors, my fingers ended up twisted into all sorts of interesting configurations to try and hold all the buttons it wanted me to at times :P

Ethans bits are pretty cool, it reminds me a bit of Saw, except, not s***.
Posted 01:24pm 28/2/10
Just finished it, fantastic game, i f***ed up the ending and with out going into detail it was so s*** im playing through again... watching the making of its pretty impressive.. 172 hours of recorded footage in those dumb censor suites...

some of the decisions in the game were very very very hard to make, for once though whilst playing a game, i made the decisions based on my own morals instead of what i feel the ending will be if i chose certain decisions...

this game imo is the first game that even comes close to being considered art.... infact im tempted to not even call it a game and just call it an interactive movie..
Posted 01:41pm 28/2/10
sounds pretty damn good!
Posted 05:34pm 28/2/10
Yea but to play this game you have to go into it with the idea that you have to be able to immerse yourself in the character otherwise some of the things just won't have the same impact.


Yea that bit was the only trial I failed I was so annoyed to because I got lost half way through and ended up doubling back on myself and I was on the last thing I had to go through and I like must of slid off a button or something and stuffed it for the last time and my guy gave up I was like NOOOOOOOOO and on top of that I failed to get the bra off in the sex scene cause I wasn't paying attention and missed one of the cues.
That was the first moment that I wanted to go back and do it again after having been through so much with those tunnels but in the end I decided that if I did that then I wouldn't be playing the game the way its supposed to be played because its a game where you have to live with your mistakes.
Posted 05:36pm 28/2/10
after reading this thread, i went and watched a heap of yuotube vids
looks awesome!

doubt it will ever come to pc though, and sif buying a ps3
Posted 05:46pm 28/2/10
and sif buying a ps3
Posted 05:57pm 28/2/10
I failed to get the bra off in the sex scene cause I wasn't paying attention and missed one of the cues.

f*****g lol.

ive been playing it through again, doing lots of things differently and finding myself hitting every button with perfect timing... still on the edge of my seat...

the scene when playing as the girl in the apartment is f*****g intense.
Posted 07:03pm 28/2/10
Yea that bit was the only trial I failed

Yeah, I actually failed it too. I went back and replayed it though, I wasn't going to, I was going to deal with failing it, but then when hes outside and hes like "Thats it, its over for me" I thought oh s***, does that mean no more Ethan story parts? And I wanted more Ethan stuff, so I went back and replayed it so I didn't fail.

Still took me a fair bit of hang wringing and indecisiveness before I replayed it though, and I think its the only time I've actually stepped out of the game and made a meta-game decision (ie, one based on "Which choice is going to give me the best gameplay" versus "Which path do I feel I should follow"). What groganus said is true for me, so many of the decisions in the game I've been making actually based on emotion and my own morals instead of something like Mass Effect 2 where the choices are more about "Whats going to give me the most Renegade points?"
Posted 07:10pm 28/2/10
Yea I was about to restart but I don't think it changes that much but it certainly effect me and how I thought about the whole situation especially at that later scene, I wont give it away but where he turns around and says "I'm a father too." that was like holy crap this is a whole new level.

For me this game really succeeded in what it set out to do which was tell an emotional story in which your beliefs and morals would effect the story and all its minor faults and bugs aside I loved it and its definitely one
of my personal top games ever story wise right up there with MGS series, dead space and arkham asylum.
Posted 11:02pm 02/3/10
Sounds a lot like Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) which was decent, but yeah sif buy a ps3.
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