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Post by trog @ 11:42am 25/02/10 | 5 Comments
Dice have finally decided that the time has come to permanently ban proven cheaters from Battlefield Heroes:
Over the last couple of months we have been having some heated (but very positive) internal discussions about what to do with cheaters and hackers getting reported.

To keep a long story very short, here's a rundown of what is coming:

Starting Monday, March 1st, anyone reported to Customer Support who is - without a doubt - shown to be using a hack or a cheat, effectively ruining the fun of all our honest players, will have their Heroes account permanently banned on the first offence.

As you will know if you have ever reported someone to Customer Support, we require very clear proof in the form of game play video. We are confident that in-game video can clearly show player behavior, enabling us quite well to identify "real" hackers and cheaters; and permanently shut them down.
It freaks me out a bit that they had to have a "heated" discussion over several months to make this decision. Obviously they want more people to stay in the game, and removing cheaters removes a potential revenue stream for them, but anyone that has played an FPS online knows that cheating is the bane of any player's existence and needs to be dealt with harshly.

I suspect they underestimate the amount of work that is going to be involved in managing this sort of system, but hopefully it will lead into an increase in quality for those that play this game.

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Posted 02:19pm 25/2/10
Ppl still play this?
Posted 02:57pm 25/2/10
Posted 04:28pm 25/2/10
DICE can suck a d***
Posted 04:48pm 25/2/10
DICE can suck a d***
the insightful words of.. a cheater? who can tell
Posted 04:50pm 25/2/10
^ My initial thoughts as well eh?
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