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Post by trog @ 11:18am 25/02/10 | 20 Comments
The Quake Live website is sporting a new look as they celebrate the first anniversary of the release of this free version of Quake:
The number of people that registered when the QUAKE LIVE Beta opened far exceeded our wildest expectations. Over a quarter million players created accounts right after its launch and that was through word of mouth only! Since that time, players have spent over 8.9 million hours in over 60 million ranked matches, earning an impressive 8 million awards and 810 million frags.
There are some other interesting stats up there - one guy has racked up a total of 56 days worth of game time (an average of 3.6 hours a day, every day, for a year. That's commitment.

A special "Year One" award is on offer for anyone that completes one online match in the next two weeks, so if you haven't given it a bash, now's the time!

quake live

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Posted 11:41am 25/2/10
oooh I probably clocked something like that on ;)
Posted 01:48pm 25/2/10
New look site? Does it include a Black Forest cake somewhere on it? I was promised cake...

Oh. Wrong game.
Posted 01:53pm 25/2/10
so what is the benefit of this year one award? some goofy q3a icon or summin!? ;p
Posted 02:21pm 25/2/10
Take a look at the following Aussie quake sites.

Premium Gamer

Premium gamer has general coverage of all things quake and a few random events.

4 Seasons Gaming

4 Seasons run regular duel comps, ctf, clan arena (2v2, 4v4) tournaments with some prizes as a small incentive. Most of the competitions have quite a few divisions so that everyone can have competitive games against people at the same skill level as them!
Posted 02:26pm 25/2/10
I still haven't played Quake Live since the beta. Are there Australian servers yet? We were talking to id about providing some but never got back to them because of the painful way they wanted to run them.
Posted 03:02pm 25/2/10
There are quite a few Australian Servers hosted in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.
Posted 03:04pm 25/2/10
Do you get to pick which ones you play on? or is it just matchmaking magic and you end up where you end up?
Posted 03:16pm 25/2/10
You can pick which ones you play on. There are a few people that can create private servers as well in any of those 3 locations.

Most game modes that get played these days are Clan Arena, CTF, Duel and FFA. Team DM games get played but mostly by the experienced players.

There are skill tiers too which means those players who are highly experienced won't be able to see the lower skill tiers and just go in a smash up the noobs but it does happen here and there.
Posted 03:25pm 25/2/10
Make sure to have "In Your Vicinity" selected for Location of the servers as selecting "Australia" for some reason leaves out the Sydney #1 group of servers.
Posted 03:29pm 25/2/10
So looks like you can only select servers by location and not by exact host, yeh? eg, if there were servers running on ISP #1 in Sydney or ISP#2 in Sydney, there's no way to differentiate between which one you're connecting to?
Posted 03:50pm 25/2/10
You can select it by host, just doesn't say the host unless you know who they are. Just has Sydney #1 and Sydney #2.

Sydney #1 = Hypernia
Sydney #2 = Premium Gamer

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Posted 03:55pm 25/2/10
quake cred.
Posted 01:41pm 27/2/10
quake live was awesome, until it reminded me how bad i was at quake :(
Posted 01:49pm 27/2/10
I still can't figure out why they didn't have instagib as a built in game mode

the unofficial servers do indeed get the numbers - even if stats are disabled on them
Posted 02:13pm 27/2/10
There are instagib servers, they're just not counting towards your stats
Posted 02:23pm 27/2/10
instagib rocks, though I suck at teh quakes
Posted 02:48pm 27/2/10
How does this whole quake3 through your browser thing work?
Posted 03:29pm 27/2/10
any rocket arena?
Posted 03:34pm 27/2/10
yeah, though it's called 'Clan Arena' now
Posted 11:31pm 27/2/10
Fired it up again for the first time in ages, doesn't seem to work any more :(

Have tried reinstalling the plugin and moved ~/.quakelive so that it had to redownload the content. Just get weird graphics:

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