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Post by Dan @ 12:53pm 24/02/10 | 7 Comments
Making that limited edition Wii Sports Resort Black Wii bundle not so limited anymore, Nintendo have announced that a new Black coloured Wii will become standard retail stock from March 11th 2010 in Australia.

Like the white one, Black Wii will come packed with a Wii-Remote (black), a Wii-Nunchuck (black) and the Wii Sports game for AUD$399.95.

The previously announced coloured Wii controllers (Black, Blue and Pink) are due to retail tomorrow February 25th 2010 in Australia at AUD$69.95.


Latest Comments
Posted 01:03pm 24/2/10
Bah, I want the Classic Controller Pro to come out.
Posted 01:11pm 24/2/10
can't they just lower the price
Posted 01:45pm 24/2/10
Posted 11:27pm 24/2/10
You know before now I really had no interest in buying a we but now that its black I might have to buy one after all black is the colour of ninjas.
Posted 11:41am 25/2/10
maybe if it was wii hd i would be interested. or if it was half the price. i sold mine years ago and dont regret it, except for the ability to play gamecube games because i dont have that anymore.
Posted 11:51am 25/2/10
Awesome! I already have one Wii, but I think I'll get two new black ones.
Posted 12:09pm 25/2/10
I want the Classic Controller Pro to come out.


i enjoy the wii, but sometimes think its probably due for a brown edition.
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