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Post by Dan @ 12:08pm 23/02/10 | 9 Comments
BioWare have released the first patch update for the PC version of Mass Effect 2, addressing several bugs - a couple of pretty nasty ones and a few benign. Here's my favourite from the changelog:
  • Fixed an issue where pressing F9 after the mission completion screen reset Shepard to Level 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mass Effect 2 launcher was being associated with files that have no extension.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling the game under Windows Vista or Windows 7 might uninstall Mass Effect 1.
Download the Mass Effect 2 v1.01 patch right here (40MB) on AusGamers.

For more details on Mass Effect 2, stop by our in-depth review (9.6/10).

mass effect 2patch
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:11pm 23/2/10
i wonder if they are going to fix the walking in space all the time bug .. .
Posted 12:45pm 23/2/10
Now Those are so great bugs!! LOL
Posted 08:05pm 23/2/10
Wow, those are some pretty messed up, albeit hilarious bugs
Posted 08:21pm 23/2/10
Thats just awesome, I feel so sorry for the bastard who discovered the first one.
Posted 08:47pm 23/2/10
I wouldn't even call them bugs. Rather major oversight!

I often find myself walking in mid air during a mission somehow. I also find my mouse controls became unresponsive meaning i could not aim, only walk around and face the direction i was stuck on. It happened during a mission and I got wasted because of it. No idea how that happened at all.
Posted 09:03pm 23/2/10
lol @ those bugs

Yeah I hate having a 5min firefight only to end up in the ceiling afterwards.
Posted 11:23pm 23/2/10
@Tiny - You don't have a wireless mouse, do you?
Posted 11:44pm 23/2/10
It's like you hit a magical elevator and suddenly you're up in the air, basically started happening so often to me I stopped playing.
Posted 11:42am 25/2/10
that happened to me once, on a random planet that u can land on. was really annoying haha.
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