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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:49pm 22/02/10 | 7 Comments
Konami Australia have shot through new information for the forthcoming PSP outing, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The info, which should get fans of the series very excited, goes into detail regarding everything from boss characters and the game's hub to multiplayer and beyond. You should be warned though, there is a slight chance this is spoiler material for the more hardcore MGSers of you out there.

Rather than post anything here, you can check it out directly from the official press release.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:05pm 22/2/10
Really looking forward to it, portable ops kinda annoyed me because apart from the boss battles it was basically just knock out all the guards then drag their arse back to your truck and that was how you beat a map. I know it says that there is a similar feature in this game but hopefully there are proper missions where you actually have to do things. Hopefully it also describes how big boss turned from a pissed off guy to someone who wanted to nuke the world.
Posted 03:08pm 22/2/10
Do people actuallystill play the PSP? To me it seems like such a waste when you could be playing the same game on 42" 1080p LCD with surround sound instead of a 5" screen with awkward controls.
Posted 03:24pm 22/2/10
i guess you dont understand the word portable.
Crizane Tribal
Posted 03:26pm 22/2/10
i guess you dont understand the word portable.

Nah dude, he has a harem of slave-wives to carry all that s*** around for him on the bus or train, and they get stoned to death if they hold the TV at an angle, hold a speaker in the wrong position or speak. It's an awesome system.
Posted 03:33pm 22/2/10
I dunno I don't like proper games as a portable I prefer like mini games or a game like pokemon because I never play it for extended periods of time.

Unless its an mgs game in which case I sit at my computer with it hooked up to the charger and just keep playing.

Even the dev team complained that they didn't like working on the PSP when the other team got to work on the consoles and even got much more of the budget for Metal Gear: Rising but I know that the devs will of poured their heart into this game and that it will be fantastic, crappy controls aside.
Posted 03:45pm 22/2/10
i guess you dont understand the word portable.

Oh.. i thought portable was like your mum kinda portable, cause like wherever i go she follows me around so i can jam her in the f*** with my oversized log, is that what you mean?
Posted 03:49pm 22/2/10
I'm not going to buy a PSP you c****. PS3 port that shiz. Raiden is gay.
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