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Review: Yooka-Laylee is Unashamedly Banjo-Threeie
Post by Dan @ 11:46am 19/02/10 | 10 Comments
By now we've all seen much of the in-game craziness possible with the combination of Just Cause 2's open-world environment and the grappling hook and parachute accessories, but Eidos still have more for us.

Today's "Gravity" trailer demonstrates a whole bunch of entertaining ways you can taunt the hostile militia of Panau - all in the name of science of course. Check it out right here on AusGamers.

Just Cause 2 falls out of the sky and grapples onto Australian shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 1st 2010

just cause 2trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:13pm 19/2/10
haha 'hard surface' :D hopin' this game will raawk! :D
Posted 12:16pm 19/2/10
very nice.
Are they using the Crysis engine? It looks very much like it.
Posted 12:18pm 19/2/10
Hope this game doesn't suck. Please don't let this game suck. I want to enjoy it.
Posted 01:12pm 19/2/10
Hahaha can't wait, and no it's not Cryengine it's the avalanche engine they made themselves.
Posted 01:18pm 19/2/10
hate to break it to you guys but gimmick games like these usually do suck, they show more time doing stupid KOs then game play.. hiding something? :P

Also what dumbass AI doesn't hear a chopper hovering above u /shrug

I'm expecting crysis under a dif name
Posted 01:40pm 19/2/10
hate to break it to you guys but gimmick games like these usually do suck
You're wrong.
Going around murdering people and running them over expanded into 10 or so games for grand theft auto.

Battlefield 1942 was filled with engineers putting bombs into cars driving them at enemies then bailing and exploding them.

Portal was based around portal technology. You can't say that game sucked.

A lot of the times these "gimmicks" actually work out not too bad, because people like a break from the regular storyline sometimes just to cause mayhem. The only problem sometimes lie in the funding to complete a fully functional game. They shouldn't really have funding issues..

I could be wrong of course. Who knows whether this game is going to be good or not, just the idea that "gimmicks break games" I think isn't true.
Posted 02:20pm 19/2/10
I'm just worried for it because the first was fun for all of 5 minutes and then completely sucked.
Posted 02:34pm 19/2/10
In a game like this, I don't think you really want ultra-realistic AI that can hear the chopper hovering overhead, it'd just ruin the fun! Nothing I've seen of this game makes me think they are in any possible way aiming for realism :P
Posted 04:15pm 22/2/10
have you guys played the first one? Ive been waiting for this, and it will be good.
Posted 05:06pm 22/2/10
Looks awesome :)

Atleast i've got a 360 to play it on, because my pc is a little pre historic!

Looks real as :)

Apart from the whole just tying people up to cars/aeroplanes and taking off :)
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