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Post by Dan @ 10:21am 19/02/10 | 17 Comments
Ubisoft have sent along a new trailer for Splinter Cell Conviction, the hotly anticipated sequel set to once again put players back in the shoes of super-spy Sam Fisher.

Today's video focuses on the game's singleplayer storyline, but refreshingly unlike many games that show this off through pre-rendered cut-scenes, everything here is in-engine and mostly of scenes where the player is still in direct control of Sam. Watch it right here on AusGamers.

Splinter Cell Conviction is due on PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously on April 14th 2010. Unfortunately however, it's looking like -- along with Assassin's Creed 2 and Settlers 7 -- that Splinter Cell Conviction will be one of Ubisoft's first titles to enforce their unpopular mandatory Internet connectivity copy protection scheme.

splinter cell convictiontrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 10:45am 19/2/10
This guy just never dies...
Posted 11:22am 19/2/10
Sam makes Bourne and Bond look like nancies
Posted 11:26am 19/2/10
did they change the story or was that just a flashback at the start, his daughter died when she was like 18 or something, hit by a car not when she was like 8 from a break in?
Posted 11:29am 19/2/10
if sam fisher and jack bauer got into a fight... who would win?
Posted 03:12pm 19/2/10
I think they must of changed the story because I thought it was going to be following on from the end of splinter cell double agent ending


like how he escaped from the police and the people who knew about him were dead.

I thought he was out to clear his name. This just seems stupid.
Posted 03:14pm 19/2/10
i think he says you killed my duck, not my daughter, his daughter was taken away.
Posted 04:01pm 19/2/10
Yeah, I thought his daughter was hit by a car, and thats why in the last game he was all "I don't care if I live or die anymore" like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3.

Edit: I saw greazy's post before watching the video and I thought to myself "How the hell can it make 'daughter' sound like 'duck'", but somehow, Michael Ironside manages to do exactly that! Madness!

last edited by Khel at 16:01:04 19/Feb/10
Posted 03:59pm 19/2/10
As much as i love michael ironsides gravelly VO work, it worked fine in the original games when he actually looked about 50 and on the verge of retiring.. now with his full sponsorship deal with just for men no grey and his youngering for more mass appeal etc.. voice now is almost disembodied.
Posted 04:02pm 19/2/10
Also, why hasn't someone made a f*****g awesome, badass Jack Bauer game like this yet?
Posted 07:03pm 19/2/10
To address some of the confusion peeps seem to be having with the plotline (the official fact sheets are a little vague, but there's a good snippet in the wikipedia article:
Splinter Cell: Conviction takes place roughly two years after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Sam Fisher has gone rogue from Third Echelon after discovering that the death of his daughter, Sarah, was not an accident. However, Third Echelon, now overly-bureaucratic and bound in red tape, are in pursuit of Sam. Sam must use all the help he can get, including former Third Echelon colleague Anna Grimsdttr, and Sam's friend, Victor Coste, in order to discover the truth behind the death of his daughter. Sam begins with going after his daughter's killer, but he finds himself trying to stop a more serious threat upon Washington DC.
So yeah, it's still canon.
Posted 08:42pm 19/2/10
Looks pretty bad ass. I just hope they won't delay the release any further!
Posted 10:01pm 19/2/10
Thanks for that Dan sorta makes sense now. I think they hinted at his daughters death not being an accident in double agent cant really remember though.
Posted 01:14am 20/2/10
Also, why hasn't someone made a f*****g awesome, badass Jack Bauer game like this yet?
They did, Grand Theft Auto 3
Posted 01:20am 20/2/10
Also, why hasn't someone made a f*****g awesome, badass Jack Bauer game like this yet?

They did, Grand Theft Auto 3

Just Cause 2.
Posted 01:43am 20/2/10
Nah, needs more breaking peoples necks with your legs, and interogating witnesses by shooting them. When I saw that bit in the Splinter Cell trailer where Sam is holding the guy and interrogating him then shoots both his legs I thought "Thats such a Jack Bauer move".

I just hope theres an interogation sequence where Sam scream "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!?" while beating up his witness. Apart from that, this game seems to deliver on all counts.
Posted 02:39am 20/2/10
Haha, "you killed my duck!"

Game looks awesome, can't wait to play it.

Also, lol at the shaders not being correctly applied to his hair at 1:42.
Posted 02:52am 20/2/10
after closer analysing the video I have come the the conclusion that its not you killed my duck but who killed my duck actually it think its him saying daughter except it cuts out half way through so its who killed my daught
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