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Post by trog @ 03:43pm 18/02/10 | 20 Comments
Just a quick FYI for those lucky enough to get into the Starcraft 2 beta - Blizzard have confirmed that, as with their World of Warcraft mirroring policy, we're unable to mirror the Starcraft 2 beta files for Australians to download.

The clients (available for Windows and Mac OS X) weigh in at around 1.6gb, which is a pretty respectable size for a modern game, so hopefully that won't be too much of a strain on your monthly limits. And hey - there's always the sneakernet.

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Posted 03:56pm 18/2/10
Yeah, trying to grab the client at the moment using their downloader thing and its slowed down to a crawl, 1.2gb to go and its saying 8 hours :(
Posted 04:37pm 18/2/10
sigh @ internet fail, blizzard have the work experience kids handling digital distribution?
Posted 04:56pm 18/2/10
what exactly is their reason for restricting files like this one?
Posted 04:58pm 18/2/10
sucks that places like Shack still host the file and you guys can't
Posted 04:59pm 18/2/10
So are PC game developers these days aiming to sell games or are they banding together to piss as many people off as possible, and then whinge about piracy?
Posted 05:25pm 18/2/10
Shack either didn't ask (and will likely be asked to remove it) or they have different rules for US sites.

It sucks as I had zips of the beta client files good to go on both AusGamers and GameArena files library, just had to click a button and let the good people have at it. Write to your local member about it or something i guess :(
Posted 05:27pm 18/2/10
I actually fired up the client to see if I could seed it, but it just stops seeding once the download is complete. So you're on your own!

If I had a bit more time I'd try to hax the .exe to pull out the .torrent file (but that is probably a gross violation of the EULA :) and seed it manually. But I don't :(
Posted 05:35pm 18/2/10
I'd suggest that the shack probably were given some keys to distribute among paying members, eitherway looks like i missed the first wave of keys, hopefully they'll send me one in the next lot :D
Posted 05:49pm 18/2/10
As far as I am aware, there are no 'keys' to give away as such. You have to have an existing account and it either gets whitelisted by Blizzard for beta play, or it doesnt.

EDIT: That's not entirely correct, they have a keycode system for people that attended Blizzcon 2008, but that is separate to the auth system being used for everyone else.
Posted 10:27pm 18/2/10
I would have expected they would have specific servers hosted here in Aus, if they want this thing to work... they kinda need to make a good impression. They can afford it.
Posted 12:34am 19/2/10
Blizzard hates Australians

One of the lead developers wife ran off with an aussie guy on one of their holidays and ever since hes been screwing over aussie gamers!
Posted 01:32am 19/2/10
i would give away my unborn first child to get one of these beta keys lol....

seriously any takers haha.....
Evil ZeR0
Posted 02:41am 19/2/10
what do ya need to be "whitelisted" im sure i could organise something.
Posted 04:12am 19/2/10

- Select the "Opt-in" in your account profile (requires you owning something made by Blizzard) and pray the RNG favours you
- Time travel to 2008 and attend BlizzCon 2008
- Time travel to 2009 and attend BlizzCon 2009
- Befriend someone who has it and share their account
- Be Trog's man servant (position already filled)
- Know someone at Activision Blizzard

last edited by Creepy at 04:12:34 19/Feb/10
Posted 04:16am 19/2/10
- Be Trog's man servant (position already filled)
Posted 09:33am 19/2/10
Hahah its all true, he makes me shine his shoes before I get to log in :(
Posted 01:25pm 19/2/10
- Be Trog's man servant (position already filled)

I lol'd so hard at this, well done sir!
Posted 03:19pm 19/2/10
I saw that some of the staff at gametrailers had got keys... they actually put up a video showing that they didn't even know how to harvest gas, I was like wtf why do these nubs get keys and we don't.
Posted 09:57am 05/3/10
sucks that places like Shack still host the file and you guys can't
Posted 09:59am 05/3/10
hah nice
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