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Post by trog @ 10:37am 16/02/10 | 21 Comments
Yesterday, Electronic Frontiers Australia launched their campaign against the Australian government's plan to impose mandatory Internet filtering on its citizens, a move that would bring our Internet in line with such great free states as China, Iran and Syria.
ďAustralians support an Open Internet that empowers individuals to decide what they view online,Ē said Peter Black, EFAís campaign manager. ďAustralians support an Open Internet that trusts parents to monitor what their children view online.Ē

The campaign is centred around a new website,, blog, and Facebook fan page, that together will act as campaign hub for all the different individuals and organisations that are campaigning against the Governmentís mandatory Internet filtering policy.
There are several other groups rallying behind this cause, but AusGamers strongly believes the EFA is the one that is most capable of representing Australians and we encourage you to support them as best as possible.

As hardcore Internet users, AusGamers is firmly opposed to the idea of any sort of restriction to this amazing medium, especially one that will almost certainly be utterly ineffective. Head over to to find out what you can do to help today!


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Posted 10:53am 16/2/10
Google, Yahoo and the Australian Library and Information Association are also backing the EFA on this one

Posted 10:58am 16/2/10
If i want to call my 'local member' to discuss this issue, where would i find their number?
Posted 10:59am 16/2/10
Information on how to find your local member is in Step 1 of their how to take action guide, I guess you missed it when you followed the link :)
Posted 11:01am 16/2/10
Slowing our already slow internet. I'm worried none of this will matter. In the end it's always the vocal (lazy) parents who get their say.

Maybe we should campaign against parents who can't be bothered looking after their own children?
Posted 11:42am 16/2/10
maybe we should elect a government with a clue

I want my government to:

* Build roads, infrastructure, schools, hospitals
* Keep me safe with a police force that isn't just out to raise money
* Invest my tax dollars wisely
* Put policies in place to protect my freedoms rather than try to take some of them away

I don't want my government to:

* Raise my kids for me
* Protect my kids from the evil internets
* Decide what is and is not appropriate for me (porn, lots of RC content)
* Rename land marks to keep some old c*** happy
* Make us all look like a bunch of idiots (Conroy, china etc)
Posted 11:51am 16/2/10
You would think Stephen Conroy would get the hint by now, god what a stupid f***tard!
Posted 11:56am 16/2/10
I'm calling conroys office in my lunch break.
Posted 11:58am 16/2/10
Build roads, infrastructure, schools, hospitals

It'd be nice to have schools were kids aren't stuffed into classrooms like 30 at a time. I'm not sure how big our defense budget is but i'm pretty sure we can stop building/buying tanks and aircraft for a few months to fund some of this. What the f*** do we need that s*** for when australia has only ever been attacked like once before in real war?
Posted 12:52pm 16/2/10
Well Trog, if you were serious about this, the thread would be stickied.
Posted 01:01pm 16/2/10
i had an idea:

Maybe we could all take down our websites for a day. Replace them with a message of protest.

The Belgian advertising industry is doing a similar thing at the moment.[BB-Blog]%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
Posted 01:21pm 16/2/10
Well Trog, if you were serious about this, the thread would be stickied.

Awesome idea.
Posted 01:30pm 16/2/10
Maybe we could all take down our websites for a day. Replace them with a message of protest.

didnt this happen a couple of weeks ago?
Posted 03:34pm 16/2/10
I'm in china at the moment. all social networking, blogs, and youtube is banned,
but I can still search for 'proxy' on google.

my friend got robbed, and had his lung punctured a while back while walking through a park in the afternoon.
I was told he had to endure what seemed like an eternity of pain while the ambulance was trying to squeeze through utterly overcrowded small roads at peak hour (everyone can vouch for this).

get your priorities straight, government
Posted 05:44pm 16/2/10
+1 for sticky
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Also re webpage idea - someone with a website (unfortunatly i have none or i would) should try contact some well known sites with lots of hits and convince them to at least reduce content arrange a few for the same high peak time for a few hours one day and get one of the ACA type news shows to report on it, if google backs it even just get them to add EFA's web page link as a splash allong the bottom of their .au page would be a good idea. Anyone know how you would go about contacting google to propose this?

About time a news show reported on an issue i care about with a view that matches mine
Posted 06:45pm 16/2/10
What does EFA stand for?
Posted 06:53pm 16/2/10
Probably what it says at the top of the first link :)
Posted 07:08pm 16/2/10
I was making the point that I shouldn't have to click a link to find out what the story was about :p
Posted 07:34pm 16/2/10
2nd word of the OP billy, l2read.
Posted 07:36pm 16/2/10
Posted 06:12pm 17/2/10
holy s*** I'm a retard
Posted 07:59pm 17/2/10
^I agree with Billy :)
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