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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:35pm 15/02/10 | 11 Comments
Fans of Molyneux's infectious meandering when it comes to explaining his gameplay ideas or simply talking about in-game dogs will want to check out the latest Fable III developer diary, which shows plenty in in-game footage, and reveals new foundational elements, such as that you're now playing as King of the land.

The game looks a tad better than Fable II, we're just hoping there's a lot more freedom in traversing, it's less glitchy, and we can continue organising threesomes and foursomes.

Click here for the full video, or just check out the embed below.

fable 3videodeveloper diarypeter molyneuxlionhead
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:44pm 15/2/10
How was Fable II by the way? I loved Fable but have yet to pick up II for my 360. Was it better?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:51pm 15/2/10
yeah, it had some much better, well thought out parts, but traversing was still reasonably locked in, and there were a lot of glitches. Your interactions with people were also cool, except after a while if you were too nice, or too much of a show off you have the whole village following you, which I found slightly annoying.

Still great game though: Here's our review
Posted 01:55pm 15/2/10
I loved fable, fable 2 had lots of good ideas and gameplay elements but as a whole package I just couldnt get into it as much as the first
Posted 01:57pm 15/2/10
i don't think that fable 2 delivered on what was promised. maybe my expectations were too high, but rightly so, based on what was advertised before the release.
Posted 02:56pm 15/2/10
Yeah I found Fable 2 to be a really hollow game. For a single player story driven game it was very short and for all of their talk up about character interaction I wasn't able to form any connection with any character in the game, including my own. The characters were just to simplistic and moronic. The way you created your own character only to have them turn into a fat old beast after a few hours because you didn't eat enough carrots was retarded.

My character had a couple of kids to some artificial bimbo who apparently had her eyes gouged out so she couldn't see how ugly I was and when they were all happily slaughtered I really didn't care.

Essentially it was a game that touted character interaction but forgot to do any form of character development.
Posted 03:35pm 15/2/10
i thought fable 2 was a great game.

but yeah, the character interaction stuff didn't make you form any sort of attachment, but meh, neither does any other game.
Posted 04:03pm 15/2/10
so far all the features mentioned seem wanky and unrequired... peter molenyx or what ever his name is should just focus on telling a good story before getting into this whole human emotion and feature bonanza crap... but sif id except anything less from peter molenyx...
Posted 04:23pm 15/2/10
Fable 2 is one of the few games I've played through to completion in a long time. I really enjoyed it.

I think the best way to approach his games are to not listen to a f*****g word he says, and decide if it's good enough once released.

I guarantee that if ole matey didn't open his word-hole so much leading up to the release of his games, the overall public perception of the Fable series would be much higher.

Of course that won't fix Black and White 2. That game was a pile of s***, fanfare or no.
Posted 04:27pm 15/2/10
edit: disregard, misread what was written.
Posted 11:12pm 15/2/10
only reason i bought a 360 apart from halo .. cant wait for this
Posted 11:49pm 22/2/10
fable 2 pc STILL NOT RELEASED !!
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