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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:20pm 12/02/10 | 26 Comments
We're kicking off our 2009 Game of the Year Awards today, and will be running an open survey for a week to allow you, the reader, a chance to vote for what you think was 2009's Game of the Year.

We have a stack of games across a variety of categories, and all you need to do is select your game(s) and then hit submit, give us your email address and that's it! You can vote in one or all categories - the choice is yours. At the end of the voting week, we'll compile the results and present you with a feature outlining the Reader's Choice Awards, as well as giving the Editor's Top 10 for the year.

You've been asking for it, so here it is! Get in and vote now.

Click here to make your vote count.

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Posted 04:34pm 12/2/10
we should have QGL ppl of the year...
Posted 04:37pm 12/2/10
Wow, the Action/Adventure category is a hard one for me to just pick 1 from, Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed 2 were all some of my favourite games of the year :( Its like every game I loved last year is in that one category!
Posted 04:40pm 12/2/10
We spent more time grooming those categories than is probably apparent. I really don't like grouping things by genre, especially when you have games like Borderlands, Overlord 2 and Wii Sports etc in play that could be in any number of categories.

Hopefully it's good enough for the task though, at least there's an "other" category for write-ins.
Posted 04:47pm 12/2/10
I vote Teq, Ripplemaker of the year.
Posted 04:51pm 12/2/10
Damn Khelzor i hear ya, for me:


Forza 3 or FIFA10?

Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6? (shhhh SF4 of course)

Not sure about the first person shooters either, i mean i was inclined to go with MW2 but maaaaaaaan.......

This is torture at it's best.

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Posted 04:51pm 12/2/10

Posted 05:06pm 12/2/10
Wrong thread?
Posted 05:09pm 12/2/10
Out of every single game on that list (excluding question 12) I've only played 1 .. Aion.
Posted 05:24pm 12/2/10
I had played only 5 or so myself. we're just getting old ticman, that's all there is to it
well, you are anyway - I'm not
Posted 05:25pm 12/2/10
voted. hard choices this year. lucky i didn't have to provide my postcode
Posted 05:32pm 12/2/10
I just wanted to post that pic. Didn't care where.
Posted 05:39pm 12/2/10
i've played none of those games :[
qgl non-gamer of 2009! :/
Posted 06:13pm 12/2/10
Assassins Creed 2 hasn't been released yet.

On a platform that matters.

I've played a few games on the list but the only ones I've really finished have been the Fallout DLCs, Dragon Age and I guess SF4. Played a bit of Braid, Batman and Dirt 2 but not enough to really have a worthwhile opinion on.

How do you sort the lists? I noticed it wasn't in alphabetical order and for the 3 categories I voted in they all ended up being on the top.
Posted 06:14pm 12/2/10
i voted, everywhere except in the conslols department.
Posted 06:22pm 12/2/10
Yep skip category got a workout out my form.

Left 4 dead 2, Uncharted 2 were my favourites. Played Natural-Selection and Company of heroes throughout the year in terms of oldies.
Posted 07:06pm 12/2/10
voted, skipped categorys that i thought were lame
Posted 07:15pm 12/2/10
all the one's khelly and suhaib said
Posted 08:11pm 12/2/10
so do i win something if the game i pick is goty?
Posted 08:54pm 12/2/10
WoW as most played I presume. Skipped sports and console based ones. I got bored of sports games when I was 10.
Posted 09:27pm 12/2/10
all the one's khelly and suhaib said
I'm not Suhaib. How dare you.
Posted 10:43pm 12/2/10
fighting game was the hardest choice so many good ones to choose from
Posted 10:49pm 12/2/10
Worst game of 2009 HAD to be Americas Army 3. What a complete fail that POS was.
Posted 01:20am 13/2/10

It would of been good if they just patched it and sorted out the bugs and gameplay issues instead of firing the whole dev team lol.
Posted 11:57am 14/2/10
Best Game for me, Modern Warfare 2. Can't get enough of the multiplayer!!

Most played game, Team Fortress 2. Love the cartoon like visuals and messing with people's heads with the spy!
Posted 10:11am 15/2/10
Need for Speed Shift , Playing this game on a 46" Plasma, on an I5 750 , 4GB RAM, SSD HD, With a GTS 250 Nvidia, was by far the best that i have played this year..

and yes i know it was released last year,
Posted 01:51pm 15/2/10
voted in all categories... some were hard to choose from but a few of the games I voted for are:

Modern Warfare 2!!!! (pure win, cant finish the last 4 special ops on veteran though T_T;)
Uncharted 2(REALLY got into this, but it was the most difficult choice)
Torchlight (diablo 2.5)
FIFA 10 (gotta lovez the foozball)
Zelda: Spirit Tracks (epic!)
SFIV (<3 SF)
new super mario bros wii (holy snot this game is fun)
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