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Post by Dan @ 04:18pm 12/02/10 | 15 Comments
Xbox and Capcom both had a lot to share today and among their big announcements at the X10 event in San Francisco, they also both released a bunch of new media assets. Here's the wrap:

Halo Reach

Crackdown 2

Lost Planet 2

Dead Rising 2


Latest Comments
Posted 05:08pm 12/2/10
correct me if im wrong or missed something but isn't that marcus from GeOW in the lost planet 2 screen shots?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:11pm 12/2/10
yeah Viper, it's both marcus and dom, they're special characters for multiplayer
Posted 05:12pm 12/2/10
Goddamnit, I want Alan Wake now.
Posted 05:56pm 12/2/10
Is it just me or does the environment for halo reach scream fallout3.
Posted 07:14pm 12/2/10
I just wanted to comment and say how cool that layout looks on the QGL front page. Should be more of it.
Posted 10:31am 13/2/10
What exactly is Halo Reach? Just another generic boring FPS set in the halo world?

Dead Rising 2 looks hawt. When we going to get GoW3?!
Posted 03:50pm 13/2/10
Well if you don't like Halo you probably wont like Reach, because I don't they'll be changing the formula that has sold them bazillions of copies of Halo in the past too much. Seems like its mixing the squad based stuff from ODST though, with the badassness of being a spartan like in the other Halo games, sounds like a sweet combo for me. I'm a fan of anything Halo, so I'm really looking forward to it :P

Its a prequel, set before all the other Halo games, detailing the fall of the planet Reach which (I think) is what started the whole Covenant war, or was at least one of the opening shots of the war.
Posted 03:55pm 13/2/10
whats so good about alan wake? looks pretty boring to me
Posted 04:12pm 13/2/10
Survival horror from the guys who made Max Payne, with a cool light vs darkness combat mechanic and a Stephen King-esque story was enough to sell me, but go check out some of the gameplay videos, it looks pretty damn awesome.
Posted 06:37pm 13/2/10
Anyone notice that one of the grenade icons in the first-person screenshot of Halo: Reach is censored with mosaic?
Posted 06:44pm 13/2/10
some of the gameplay videos have really put my off alan wake... just seem abit meh. but the concept is a pretty cool and i look forward to trying it out.
Posted 07:39pm 13/2/10
Alan wake doesn't look like anything special. Like another Alone in the Dark... and that sure went well didn't it. Lost Planet 2 could be a lot of fun but really? they released shots of only GoW characters? What are they embarrased that their models are so s***** in comparison? And more halo s***. Joy. A turd corvered in sparklers which console f*** will eat up.

last edited by DM at 19:39:50 13/Feb/10
Posted 11:01pm 13/2/10
Erm isnt that Albert Wesker rolling with the GOW boys there? wtf?
Posted 02:42am 14/2/10
Yeah, Capcom seem to have gone crossover crazy with Lost Planet 2, its entering the ridiculous realm of "You got some Darth Vader in my Soul Calibur" now. Apparently its only in the multiplayer though, but still, getting a bit silly.
Posted 06:51pm 14/2/10
Darth Vader was awesome in soul calibur.. and its not like thats the first time soul calibur had cross overs.
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