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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:54am 12/02/10 | 14 Comments
Microsoft's X10 Media Event kicked off late last night in San Francisco, and while we weren't there first-hand, that wonderful thing - the "internet", has supplied us with some cool details surrounding Microsoft movements in 2010.
  • Halo Reach multiplayer beta will kick off on May 3 (anyone with ODST will be able to launch it from the game disc).
  • Dead Rising 2 will hit EU September 3 (which means we'll be either side of that, provided it makes it through the Board), prior to this release date though, a prologue will be available as an exclusive Xbox Live download called Dead Rising: Case Zero and will bridge the story between the first and second game.
  • Alan Wake will officially hit EU May 21, meaning again we'll see it either side of that. It will also come with pre-order bonus content.
  • The US will have a Final Fantasy XIII console bundle - no word on Australia yet. It will be available in North America from March 9, so stay tuned as we find out if AU will get it.
  • March 3 marks the beginning of the Xbox Live Arcade Block Party with Toy Soldiers available first, and will be followed through March by Scrap Metal and my most anticipated XBLA release of the year, Perfect Dark.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction will hit April 16 in EU.
  • Lost Planet 2 lands May 18.
  • And finally, Fable III will be available this Holiday period (around Nov/Dec).
That's all the news for now, stay tuned for anything else that makes its way out of the event.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:37pm 12/2/10
So now I have Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Perfect Dark, AvP, Metro 2033, Red Dead Redemption and Lost Planet 2 all by the end of May. F***.
Posted 12:53pm 12/2/10
Def the most craziest year on record.
Posted 12:54pm 12/2/10
It's an excellent year for gaming.
Posted 02:34pm 12/2/10
FINALLY get to play Alan Wake, I've been hanging out for that game for aaaaaaaaages.
Posted 05:14pm 12/2/10
Reckon Khel, That's definitely the biggest news here. A game that many thought was vapourware finally has an actual release date.

Bets on if it meets it or not? :)
Posted 06:52pm 12/2/10
im betting it will be delayed.
Posted 08:35pm 12/2/10
Alan Wake will never be released, just like Half Life 2 Episode 3 is non-existent. :(
Posted 02:43am 13/2/10
Posted 10:15am 13/2/10
^^ Best game ever. Can't believe it has been 10 years since it was first released :S
Posted 03:06pm 13/2/10
A great year for gaming?

Not when you just look at this. Lost Planet? Splinter Cell? these games where never that great to begin with. A few XBLA games, I never liked the first Perfect Dark.

Never played Fable or final fantasy. Dead Rising is fun, but not as fun as L4D.

Halo Reach..

I've played Halo for many years and I can say the golden years are well and truly over. To be the biggest disappointment of 2010.

Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Cataclysm [first time playing WoW] these are the games I am looking forward to.
Posted 03:30pm 13/2/10
Splinter Cell? these games where never that great to begin with.
Were you born on the planet Wrong?
Posted 03:47pm 13/2/10
The only thing Dead Rising and L4D have in common is zombies, I don't know why you'd even compare the two, they're ENTIRELY different games.
Posted 03:56pm 13/2/10
I've played Halo for many years and I can say the golden years are well and truly over.

Halo and the term golden years should never be in the same sentence. Blasphemy apon you for insinuating that halo was good. Golden years finished before 2000
Posted 04:13pm 13/2/10
So much hate for Halo, I like Halo :(
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