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Post by Dan @ 11:22am 12/02/10 | 29 Comments
For those of you having trouble getting into the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta, DICE have released a new video for the hotly anticipated first person shooter.

The video, narrated by Producer Gordon Van Dyke, offers a walkthrough of the demo's multiplayer rush game-mode with information equally applicable to PC and console players alike. Check it out here on AusGamers.

Bad Company 2 drops on March 4th 2010 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

battlefield bad company 2trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:32am 12/2/10
game be wicked
Posted 11:36am 12/2/10
I do like this game, when i have chance i play this and HON at the moment
Posted 11:43am 12/2/10
im playing this and mass effect2

i wish there was two of me with two comptuers so i could play both at once and give them the time they deserve
Posted 12:07pm 12/2/10
I wish that too spook, then I could be the meat in a Super Special Sauce Spook Samwich
Posted 12:27pm 12/2/10
I just wanna keep my LvL11 and weapon upgrades when full ver comes out :(

last edited by koopz at 12:27:21 12/Feb/10
Posted 12:44pm 12/2/10
i'm still level 1, but i swear people don't die when i shoot @ them. (at least not as easy as modern warfare) maybe i should aim.

being in a tank = epic fun
Posted 01:36pm 12/2/10
@ konstie

That's any game in the Battlefield series for you, people take too many bullets no matter how good your aim.
Posted 02:08pm 12/2/10

HS using M24 with Recon Class. Having said that, 3-4 bullets from a handgun will do the trick too.

I still find it amusing how lots of people still don't know whats going on.. I run circles around a group of them and they were totally oblivious :/

I remember I pistolled/knifed 7 attackers... I was running around and kept on spawning on each other so i just kept on killing them :/

last edited by Martz at 14:08:25 12/Feb/10
Posted 02:38pm 12/2/10
yeah, it's not an issue of not knowing whats happening. i get the jist of the game.

just a bit wonky how u can aim through your sites with a sniper and still need to shoot 3x to kill. seems inconsistant to me.

ALSO has anyone had the issue of spawning and team_chat always pops up? draining.
Posted 02:52pm 12/2/10
yer, i had it the other day;

i was like "WTF AM I PRESSING"

goes away though
Posted 06:59pm 12/2/10
no seriously the damage in this needs to be picked up a bit on weapons, you empty a whole clip into someone then they noob tube you :S
Posted 06:25pm 12/2/10
Fire in bursts, don't aim from the hip and point at their faces you nubs. You can take anyone down from full health with less then half a clip easy.
Also get in close to guarantee all your shots hit the target.
Posted 06:38pm 12/2/10
play on the hardcore servers

damage is much much better (unless you're the one getting shot.)
Posted 06:39pm 12/2/10
I think the medic machine guns are way OP, they can just stand and fire and be deadly accurate, yet my assault rifle will go all over the show if I do the same. :/
Posted 06:58pm 12/2/10
I put in my pre-order today. Still enjoying the beta. Only the sniper rifle is actually a little inconsistent with bullet flight but I'm usually correcting and getting the kill on the 2nd hit. Normally I hate playing medic classes in MP games but this one is fun. Being ninja and rez'ing your team next to M-COM is fun :D

Also.. Anyone got tips for flying the apache/blackhawk? I keep crashing it within seconds of takeoff. I can fly the UAV without problem.
Posted 08:11pm 12/2/10
I think the medic machine guns are way OP, they can just stand and fire and be deadly accurate, yet my assault rifle will go all over the show if I do the same. :/

hmm I've been finding it the opposite.

what's with the GA servers being 16/20 player all of a sudden?

last edited by Martz at 20:11:26 12/Feb/10
Posted 08:45pm 12/2/10
@martz dunno, only 4 servers out of their 50 or so are capped at 16/20 and they're the HC ones.

But to everyone else, play hardcore. Hypernia and GA have a heap up atm, and by god it is much more fun then MW2 or CoD4. As a engineer with max unlocks and 2nd rocket launcher, I just have a ball :D

Oh, there is a bug atm that if a server is set to HC, but gets reset, it doesn't automatically put it back to HC, so you will find some GA and Hypernia ones are saying HC but they aren't :S
Posted 08:54pm 12/2/10
holy s*** im a f*****g noob. i didnt even realise there were respawn tickets. :/

Anyone got tips for flying the apache/blackhawk?

i dont even bother cause im f*****g s*** at controlling them.
Posted 09:38pm 12/2/10
i was awesome at flying and tv missiling at same time in Bf2 but I hate the new chopper :( missiles aren't too bad though!
Posted 10:54pm 12/2/10
To arcade like for me. If the damage level is increased by 200% it would be far more fun.
Posted 11:21pm 12/2/10
I got no problem with the damage, for me its the feedback you get when you're shooting someone that makes your weapons feel frustrating and impotent. I mean, I loved RTCW and you could eat an assload of damage without dying in that game, but when you were shooting at someone you still got that satisfying feedback of "Yeah, I just nailed that sucker", even if they took quite a few shots to go down. In Bad Company, you just don't get enough satisfying feedback from the game when you've hit someone, which can make it feel like you're not hitting anything at all and can make the whole experience rather unsatisfying and frustrating.

At least thats my take on it anyway.
Posted 09:33am 13/2/10
I believe they are working on fixing the feedback that you mentioned Khel. That and they are working on the hitboxes associated with the models.
Posted 11:17am 13/2/10
Seem's a bit like the same old stuff to me :/

I think I keep dying to easy so its not fun. Granted I've now only played about 10 mins :)
Posted 01:20pm 13/2/10
i've always been a sniper fiend and i just really don't like how inconsistent the sniper is.. you'll up higher for gravity etc, so if i go for a hs.. i'll be aiming above the head.. i'll hit.. and they don't die, which doesn't make sense since it woulda either it them in either the chest or head.

I find it the same getting hit, a lot of the time i'll get smashed and just hide till the health is back
Posted 01:55pm 13/2/10
I've found the sniper to be inconsistent too. Sometimes you need to aim above them for the bullet drop other times you don't and it is like a railgun..

Posted 04:58pm 14/2/10
re: the custom FOV, has anybody managed to get this working, or do you play @ 1920 x 600 or something?

I've found the sniper to be inconsistent too

yeah I'm starting to get a feel for certain advantage points and how to take advantage of them with each gun. I've maxed my character in terms of stats (for the moment) but I'm a long way from having mastered the map with every class / squad combo for each side.

I remember I pistolled/knifed 7 attackers... I was running around and kept on spawning on each other so i just kept on killing them

I call it Strexing after that f*****g annoying habit (in DoD 1.3) that Strex had. The cheeky lil bugger would just run around randomly making it almost impossible to predict where to shoot unless you has an explosive weapon / grenade on hand.

knife kills in this game are turning out to be easier than waiting for your bullets to register when up close

Posted 10:46am 15/2/10
the entire battlefield series always feels like you are playing underwater or something. compared to every other 1st person shooet i have played ( ive played em all hehe) it just feels like there is built in lag into the engine, you se a target and its hard to just snap and shoot accuratly. i think it might be part of the coding , to make the game more realisitic ( or so they theink). i wish the battlefield series had the sharpness of the call of duty series, becuase the battlefield series is serious fun to play with all the vehicles and large maps.

bad company 2 looks sweet, but that lak of responsivness means ill still be looking for somthing better even if i do purchase it.
Posted 05:35pm 18/2/10

it's for the console version, but still an awesome guide for people who aren't good at the game
Posted 11:19am 23/2/10
I played the demo for this and im struggling to see how it is much different to BFBC. I can see minor changes, building destruction, quad bikes, medics have defribs but not a lot else.

Been a while since i looked at the games "new features" but it plays a lot like BFBC which is fine for me cause i love that game and ill enjoy the new slight features and new maps.

I'll be getting BFBC2 on my PC tho i think, cause it urinates all over my PS3 in specs
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