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Post by Dan @ 10:58am 12/02/10 | 23 Comments
The PC demo and it's associated connection issues might have soured a few on the pending launch of SEGA's Aliens vs Predator, but singleplayer is still looking like it could have the goods.

The latest trailer features gameplay footage from the Alien singleplayer campaign, the part of the game that puts you in the exoskeleton of the H.R. Geiger designed Xenomorph - an organic killing machine that needs no weapons to tear it up.

Watch it right here on AusGamers

Aliens vs Predator hits shelves next Thursday, February 18th 2010 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

aliens vs predatortrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 11:09am 12/2/10
Im cancelling my order for this game right now . what a disappointment...
Posted 11:10am 12/2/10
Yep, thats what I like to see. This game will be more singleplayer than multiplayer for me.

Pre-ordered it last Sunday on steam. Can't wait for the release!
Posted 11:12am 12/2/10
Edit: The grabbing animations look a bit dodgey though :\
Posted 11:57am 12/2/10
yeah i didnt think much of the clip at all :e even the sound effects i thought seemed dissapointing and what's with the humans not seeing an alien on the roof even though they jump up there in plain site.... lol
Posted 12:07pm 12/2/10
Urge to kill....rising
Posted 12:53pm 12/2/10
Urge to kill....rising

EDIT: not buying this game i don't think. still playing too many others to give this any love
Posted 03:36pm 12/2/10
holy s*** that looks scrappy and bugged.
Posted 03:40pm 12/2/10
every review I have read so far has said that the aliens was the weakest of the 3 SP campaigns, I do however think that all the reviews for it have been on consoles and thus no mention of the problem with the sluggish controls on pc. I am sadly still getting it as I look forward to the SP and most MP game modes that aren't deathmatch.
Posted 03:45pm 12/2/10
Looks pretty s***.
Posted 04:34pm 12/2/10
this game has failed!
Posted 06:38pm 12/2/10
F****g hell that looked f****g horrible. L33tbix what the f*** are you on about it looking decent?

The whole aim where you want to jump and do a power jump to that location sounds great in theory but the way it works in game is f****g horrible, it would be much better if it worked like a invisable grappling hook from q3 ctf for example (kinda).

The animations and model for the alien looked f*****g horrible.

How the hell was the alien doing invisible and why the f*** would they allow them to? Thats f****g retarded.

Why the f*** was he on the roof and non of the marines on the ground were even shooting at him?

Half of the f****g thing was sneeking around and using some combination of 'grab' then 'tail attack' to 'stunlock' people to death. This in single or multi would be f*****g horrible.

This game is no longer a f****g fps in my eyes, is some basterdised street fighter like console 'reflex challanage' game.

F*** i hate this developer now.
Posted 06:44pm 12/2/10
IGN have a review of the 360 version.

And while the campaign does its best to make players feel like the gung-ho goons of James Cameron's 1986 spectacular, it's in Survivor Mode that the Colonial Marines really shine. Playable online with up to three team mates or offline solo, this is a distillation of the very best that Aliens vs. Predator has to offer, throwing wave upon wave of Aliens at the player and steadily upping the tempo and lowering the odds of making it through alive. It's basic but brilliant.

Holy crap that sounds fun. I want this game!
Posted 06:45pm 12/2/10
^Yeah, because no game has ever done that before, dm.
Posted 06:47pm 12/2/10
Only game I know of off the top of my head is L4D2
Posted 06:50pm 12/2/10
Both AVP1 and AVP2 had that mode of play and it was the best f****g mode of any game ever. Hold up with 2-3 other mates in a bunker as aliens try and swarm you across the plane, you scramble to tkae out there legs only to see a predalien make it ontop of the bunker and all your mates call out 'SHOTGUN NOT!' ...

Hanging your head in shame for your late shotgun call you grab the shotgun and open the top hatch to try and dispatch the predalien that is now scratching and damaging the seals around the bunkers main hatch... it swiftly turns and headbites you, killing you instantly.

All your mates finish it off as they 'have your back dont worry' .. while laughing and saying 'well next time be faster on the shogun' ... finally closing the hatch again and getting ready for the next wave of aliens.

F****g good times.

Shame all thats gone with the peice of s*** excuse for a avp game which should never had been launched for pc if they wernt going to polish the pc version rather poorly port the console version over.
Posted 07:00pm 12/2/10
It was a pretty poor excuse for a demo but i'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a shot. If it's really s*** then oh well. I've spent $65 on worse things.
Posted 07:02pm 12/2/10
That's a horrible thing to say about paveway's mother.
Posted 07:03pm 12/2/10
zombie nazis on cod is the same as that too.
Posted 07:13pm 12/2/10
yeah looks s*** to me.
Posted 08:47pm 12/2/10
I love saving money :D
Posted 11:58pm 12/2/10
Gears of War 2 had it, and Halo ODST has it, and Dawn of War 2 has it. Still, I guess a lot of games implement some kind of co-op survival gameplay mode because its generally a lot of fun, so its hardly a bad thing :)

But yeah, that video didn't do much to sell me on the game, the Aliens seemed completely impotent, leaping down off the roof and owning some guy, who then just stands up and runs away? wtf?
Posted 01:17am 13/2/10

Yea agreed, as much as I hate the demo, well I suppose marines aren't that bad but still as you said wasted money on worse things *cough* history channels battle of the pacific *cough*...dont ask.
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