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Post by Creepy @ 10:05am 10/02/10 | 34 Comments
Blizzard have updated their StarCraft 2 site with a preview of the much-touted revamp of the service.

Part social networking, part league gaming, part digital delivery and marketplace, this beast is huge. And hopefully will be delivered with the quality that customers of Blizzard have come to expect. Check the preview (with lots of screenshots and a video) out over here.

Internet rumours are suggesting that the initial non-company Beta testing programme may even start as early as this Friday, February 12th (a long weekend in the US). promoted/edited forum item

Update by Dan: Link seems to be working fine from Australia now.

You can also now watch the features video here on AusGamers.

battle.netblizzardstarcraft 2

Latest Comments
Posted 10:15am 10/2/10
Doh I promoted that then found out that link doesn't work for Australians. If you use a US proxy, it does work. Ta
Posted 10:16am 10/2/10
Anyone know a proxy thats open in the us that i can bounce through? I tried some web based proxies and they didnt work....
Posted 10:18am 10/2/10
Cmon starcraft 2 beta.
Posted 10:18am 10/2/10
Goodness, that's extremely strange to Geo-lock the preview.

No doubt the video in question will be ripped and posted to YouTube in the next half an hour or less... :)
Posted 10:38am 10/2/10
Posted 10:39am 10/2/10
this link works
Doesn't work for me here in Queensland
Posted 10:39am 10/2/10
Not sure if this link is also Geo-locked, and if it's against Forum rules, feel free to nuke it:
Posted 10:57am 10/2/10
Nope, that works!
Posted 11:36am 10/2/10
Cheers Creepy. Added that vid to the OP.
Posted 11:37am 10/2/10
all links work on netspace
Posted 12:44pm 10/2/10
it's pretty much normal with the same features as steam.

i would have been a lot happier if they said they're going to fully integrate steam into starcraft 2.
Posted 01:06pm 10/2/10
Competition is a good thing.
Now if only we can convince these services that region pricing is for morons.
Posted 01:16pm 10/2/10
Ive also heard a rumour that the Beta is a few days away from my secret Korean sources.
Posted 01:51pm 10/2/10
Yeah it looks sweet but having two different steams thingys will be annoying.

Anyway cmon beta access. I uploaded my starcraft key to bnet

edit: yeah that original site works for me too.

last edited by ctd at 13:51:22 10/Feb/10
Posted 01:27pm 10/2/10
yeh, steam is still fail with voice chat not allowing you to specify audio devices for input AND output.
as long as supports that then I'm happy.
Posted 01:31pm 10/2/10
Posted 01:31pm 10/2/10
I want some new battle reports...

Still only 4, correct?
Posted 01:36pm 10/2/10
I want some new battle reports...

Damn straight. Stop teasing us Blizzard!
Posted 01:57pm 10/2/10
Yeah, because I can't wait to watch David Kim win another Battle Report video. *rollseyes*

Rather the actual beta itself, thanks.
Posted 02:21pm 10/2/10
Ive also heard a rumour that the Beta is a few days away from my secret Korean sources.

Don't get my hopes up like that :( Damn you.
Posted 03:08pm 10/2/10
there actually is a rumour that the beta is being released this weekend.
Posted 03:36pm 10/2/10
If that rumor is true, shame on them for not giving me enough time get some time off work organised ;)
Posted 03:38pm 10/2/10
I heard we may get a chance to look at this over the weekend.
Posted 04:12pm 10/2/10
oh that sounds good *looking in my inbox constantly looking for email from blizzard saying i have beta key*
Posted 04:36pm 10/2/10
Starcraft 2 is gonna be tones of fun! Diablo 3 too!

I need to upgrade my pc/ get a new one for bad company 2 .... might not bother... those 2 games alone could entertain me for a long, long time!
Posted 04:47pm 10/2/10
lol this will probably be the hardest beta in the history of the universe to get into :( They'll need to test it for non-asians as well so that will probably be my way in.

Posted 04:58pm 10/2/10
Posted 10:08pm 10/2/10
Why is every game being released going to have an Auto match making system that learns and takes into account of your skill level? Why are developers not bothering with dedicated servers? God damn it.

Why Cant we just have the option of scrolling, finding the game WE want...not what THEY want. Joining that game and just going off to play? The lack of Lan features is pretty sad too. Star Craft is a staple game at LAN parties and at net cafes, why remove that?

This sounds like its going to be the same fail as IW Net. Well Done Activision. You've won. Congratulation on killing the PC gaming platform. Not touching this.

Let the North Koreans get angry and see what a s*** storm you Unleash.
F*****g lazy greedy Bastards.
Posted 10:30pm 10/2/10
its because they are catering to the casual noobs who are sadly the majority :(
Posted 11:43pm 10/2/10
Let the North Koreans get angry and see what a s*** storm you Unleash. F*****g lazy greedy Bastards.

north koreans eh?
Posted 12:40am 11/2/10
Erisus, its going to be just like the current ranked games will of course be random, you can still choose to go into custom games (ie unranked) and play whatever you want.
Posted 09:17am 11/2/10
Ars Technica are running a live blog on the Q4 and 2009 Activition Blizzard earnings meeting, here.

EDIT: They've just confirmed the beta will launch this month! The test will be a global test, with an aim to ship final product both traditionally and digitally via B.Net mid 2010!!

last edited by Creepy at 09:17:10 11/Feb/10
Posted 09:59am 11/2/10
joy ^_^
Posted 12:46pm 11/2/10
so battlenet 2.0 is steam then ;)
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