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Post by Dan @ 03:24pm 09/02/10 | 24 Comments
This one probably won't be very useful to those PC players that have a hard enough time playing with low latency long enough to actually be able to practice the intricacies of close combat in the Aliens vs Predator demo, but at least it might come in handy for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players.

Today's AvP trailer offers a tutorial on the game's hand-to-hand combat mechanics - a rather paper, scissors, rock affair with different strength attacks and a bit of flair. Watch it right here on AusGamers.

Aliens vs Predator is due on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 18th 2010.

aliens vs predatortrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:15pm 09/2/10
Sooo ... the human blocks the aliens claws with his arms ... then hits it to the ground with the pistol ... I hope the PC version isn't this retarded.
Posted 05:23pm 09/2/10
It's just like rock, paper, scissors except paper got gimped.
Good old rock, nothing beats rock.
Posted 06:26pm 09/2/10
cool, marines get to pistol whip while the aliens and predator only get gay finishing moves...

it makes sense after playing the demo that this is a console game and no damn good for PC
Posted 07:37pm 09/2/10
I don't think it is so much Rock Paper Scissors as this is purely luck of 3 options.

Hard attacks have a long build up time so with quick reaction skills you could counter. I'm sure the time it takes to let go of block and then light attack is shorter then the time it takes to execute a hard attack.

This game isn't good for PC though, good for consoles.
Posted 09:10pm 09/2/10
shame they won’t go back to making game like this for pc 1st, THEN port it to consoles, this game certainly needed that approach
Posted 11:00pm 09/2/10
Is it just me? Or does the console version look way, way better than PC (maybe its just all those funny names like trophy kill and stealth kill were PC has GRAB! Wow!!).

But those animation just before the counter attacks look way better than the PC ones (ei. were the alien gets noket to the ground after getting pistol whiper).
Posted 11:37pm 09/2/10
(ei. were the alien gets noket to the ground after getting pistol whiper).

Oh god my EYES!!

(ei ie. were the alien gets noket knocked to the ground after getting pistol whiper whipped).
Posted 12:47am 10/2/10
Well Ive put marine assault rifle to alien face a number of time on the PC version, noting happened at all... apart from my face being ripped off. Trust me humans are weakest. Pred rolls everything.
Posted 01:33am 10/2/10
I would disagree I think humans are strongest at the moment, with a motion tracker and just your normal pulse rifle you can own up most things just gotta spray and pray.

Honestly though the controls on the pc are just horrible i've considered running my ps3 controller through my pc but I don't know if that would solve the problem.

Also @Blue

it gets very hard to see exactly what your opponent is doing at close range when he is right in your face and dancing in a circle around you, usually by the time i work out that they are using a quick attack and can react and get my block up i see them halfway charged through a hard attack and no there really isn't enough time to drop your guard and counter unless you spot the strong attack like instantly.

Also if you get knocked to the ground you are pretty much dead, you dont have enough time to stand back up between anyones cooldowns, like the pred cannon will keep hitting you and stunning you before you can get back up and the quick attacks will kill you and they have just enough time to get off another hard attack.

P.S. Does anyone else feel kinda like they are talking about pokemon when we mention quick attacks and counter attacks and the predators thunderbolt.
Posted 02:50am 10/2/10
@ Trauma

When you smack an alien it only buys you a split second to start shooting but if you block a light attack and smack them it will make them fall away for a moment.

If you find yourself always the victim of heavy attacks then you shouldn't run into rooms so easily or make sure you turn on your flashlight when you spam fire at an alien that's heading at you, the light really helps.

@People who think the controls are horrible

Remap the keys and stop complaining.
Posted 10:25am 10/2/10
Look at all these f****g people talking about week and strong attacks and blocking.


F****g hell, how could you ruine a f****g game like this so bad? Seriousl you dont even have to have a good engine or story line. All you need is pred, human and alien models and some f****g weapons.

It's a FPS, not mortal kombat / street fighter.

God this pisses me off. AVP 1/2 was great and all they needed to do was expand on that but instead we have this console 'friendly' f****g thing shoved down the PC gamers throughts.
Posted 11:54am 10/2/10
Amen to that.
Posted 12:01pm 10/2/10
F****g hell, how could you ruine a f****g game like this so bad?
God this pisses me off.

Lighten up Francis
Posted 12:39pm 10/2/10
@ ReLapse

It's not a matter of remapping the controls, the response time on the controls just isn't right.

Also as mentioned its just really hard to see what attack your opponent is doing think about the right counter and then put it into action and unless you have been lucky and guess right you are pretty much dead if you are trying to play it that way.

How most people play it is basically do an attack and if it doesnt hit run away and then run in doing another attack and also as I mentioned before that it doesn't always work properly anyway because if someone is halfway charged their strong attack it will be quicker than your light attack so the only valid option really is to run away.

It's also things like on the alien the normal strong attack is a quick whip with the tail but as soon as you get near an enemy he does a charge up on the tail attack which is stupid. Also another horrible thing is that for those of me who don't like auto transition and turn it off there are still heaps of surfaces that it still auto transitions to and there is nothing you can do about it, like as an alien you can't walk of a ledge because it auto transitions onto the wall.

oh oh oh and worst of all WTF IS THIS HOLD E S***. Im on a f*****g computer I don't need to hold a f*****g key to do anything I just want to press a key and have it do it.
Posted 01:26pm 10/2/10
dont even have to have a good engine

I'd say wait until the retail game comes out and you see it in all it's DX11 glory before saying that.
Posted 02:18pm 10/2/10
Tessilation (Directx11) is nice but it doesnt make a game. Gameplay makes a game.

I spent two hours the other night playing a tetris clone and sonic when I had all the games on my ps3 at my disposal. I goto say, they were a great no brainer bash (was so mentally f***ed from work that day).
Posted 03:45pm 10/2/10
I dunno I love graphics as much as I do gameplay and a lack of effort on either part can make me not want to get a game, I'm not saying it has to be photo-realistic I mean I don't mind different art styles but as long as it looks like they have put effort into all parts of a game.
Posted 11:28pm 11/2/10
the demo doesnt look as good because its run in direct x 9. Full version can run direct x 11.

I think the game has some promise , the demo was s*** ( pc vers ) but i cant completely rule the game out just yet.
Posted 12:51am 12/2/10
Posted 08:21am 12/2/10

Maybe it's not the game but you as I find the controls respond quite find, I also find it easy to tell whether I heavy or light attack is coming.

The idea behind using a light attack against a heavy attack it to hit the person, so if you see the aliens tail arch or the pred take a step back it's time for you to move forward and hit light.

The normal strong attack with the tail is not a quick whip, the normal strong attack is where it seems to charge up.

The quick whip is the tail attack you can do whilst on any surface but the wall, notch it up to a bug that youc an do it on the floor when it has no use.

If you're playing without auto transition you're doing it wrong and you'll never be as effective as other aliens.

As for the graphics they aren't fully polished and it's running on dx9 when it's been primarily designed for dx11, so why judge them.
Posted 08:21am 12/2/10
Please excuse the typos, I just woke up.
Posted 08:23am 12/2/10
but the floor*
Posted 10:37am 12/2/10

The main reason I have auto transition off is that if im in a fight with someone and like backing up I dont want it to grab onto a wall because that forces your view somewhere else as opposed to looking at the person coming at you also there are some areas where it just keeps shifting your view and with the motion blur its impossible to see anything your screen is just a blur for like 10 seconds which is a death trap in any fight.

I have also found that the pred light attack seems to stun slightly, I have been in a few games where I am getting hit by it and I try to bring up my block but I just keep getting knocked back.

Also it's not that I don't climb on walls at all, I still spend heaps of time crawling all over the place but I just prefer that I tell it when to crawl and not accidently latch onto any surface.

anyway 90% of the time there is lag in the servers so it could just be that as to why im having such trouble with the scissors paper rock but that doesn't excuse the crappy controls that feel ever so sluggish.
Posted 10:45am 12/2/10
Never back up, always run past them or leap to another surface.
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