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Post by trog @ 12:45pm 09/02/10 | 9 Comments
Courtesy of 2K Games, to celebrate the launch of the much-anticipated Bioshock 2 we've got ten awesome game packs (with the PC version of the game) up for grabs in a new competition. The full prize pack includes:
* BioShock 2 Game (Windows PC)
* "Little Sister" Figurine
* BioShock 2 Water Bottle
* BioShock 2 Pen, Key Chain and Plasmid Badges
* Deco Devolution - The Art of BioShock 2 Book
You can check out the awesome prizes and enter right now on our competition page.

bioshock 2competition
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Posted 12:54pm 09/2/10
I've got a copy of the art book and it is absolutely amazing! I'd love to see more stuff like this in collectors editions.
Posted 04:07pm 09/2/10
Posted 04:12pm 09/2/10


You're bringing condoms to a place predominately populated by 7 year old girls, 150KG men in diving suits, and psychotic freaks?
Posted 04:13pm 09/2/10
He wants some Big Sister action!
Posted 04:16pm 09/2/10
great now everyone knows my entry
Posted 04:18pm 09/2/10
I'm sure some well placed plasmids would cure any infection.
Posted 04:26pm 09/2/10
He wants some Big Sister action!

Oh yeah I forgot: 7 year old girls, Tubby submariners, Psychotic freaks, and insane women with SPIKES FOR THEIR ARMS!
Posted 04:27pm 09/2/10
are you denying that big mumma is hella sexy?
Posted 04:47pm 09/2/10
Can't seem to enter the comp. I'm signed in to ausgamers, if I click the ausgamers logo to go to main page it shows me signed in, but if I go to the comp page the top right corner of screen shows user / pass entry fields, and complains I'm not signed in.
I seem to be signed in on the t&c's page... and the view winners page. Just seems to be the enter comp page that doesn't work.

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