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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:29pm 05/02/10 | 8 Comments
We know some of you have already had a crack at this, but for anyone else who hasn't yet, we have an in-depth review for you to check out, with all the gnarly bits of info about one of the most mature and visually disturbing games we've seen in a long time.

It's true, Visceral Games pretty much took the gameplay blueprint from the God of War guys, but their sheen is slightly more interesting, and the Dante character a lot more engaging than the super pissed off God of War, Kratos.

Click here for our full review.

dante's infernogod of warvisceral games
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:33pm 05/2/10
hahaha babies with knives for arms. sounds classy!
Posted 07:54pm 05/2/10
bought it

its fun

- might add that st lucia thing which is coming in april could be sick if they get it right

last edited by Jimbo at 19:54:12 05/Feb/10
Posted 10:18pm 05/2/10
Yeah, very cool and very fun game. Doesn't break any new ground, but they've pretty much nailed the formula.

I think I laugh every single time I hook an unbaptised baby on the end of my scythe and proceed to rip it apart, not sure what that says about me, but damn its fun.

Did you really absolve the babies Steve, or are you just saying that in your review to stay all politically correct :P I find myself punishing way more than absolving, its just so much more brutally satisfying, and I guess in a more practical sense, its often also quicker than absolving, guess I'm a bit lacking in patience.

last edited by Khel at 22:18:01 05/Feb/10
Posted 02:06pm 06/2/10
Your really listing babies with knives as arms as a bad point? Bit harsh.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:17am 07/2/10
they creep me out. and yes khel, I absolved them all - it's the way I play games... my housemate plays as evil as he can, but for some reason I always try and be good.
Posted 10:39am 07/2/10

they creep me out. and yes khel, I absolved them all - it's the way I play games... my housemate plays as evil as he can, but for some reason I always try and be good.

I'm the exact same steve, i always try to make the best moral decisions when playing a game... had i known i could of absolved all the babies i would.. in saying that i absolved all the tormented souls...
Posted 12:43pm 09/2/10
Hey i Bought The Game Think Its Great Dont Think Babies With Knife's As Arms Should Be A Bad Thing At All Game Should Have At Least Scored A 8. This Game Is Great And Alot of Fun To Play
Posted 01:10am 10/2/10
Im playing it atm as a Holy Warrior. Some of the cross powers are devastating. Though I am looking forward to going all evil.
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