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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:54am 05/02/10 | 28 Comments
Anyone who has maxed out their character(s) in Fallout 3 and explored every inch of the main game as well as its subsequent episodes can finally emerge victorious from the Capitol Wasteland and set their sights on a new frontier; the West Coast (oft mention in Fallout 3's story), or as its known to everyone else, New Vegas.

Bethesda have today finally released a teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas, which is very much in line with the teaser we got for Fallout 3 but hey, consistency is a good thing in this case, and it looks very tantalising. We've also been given a release window of this year in the "Fall" (our Spring) and in case you missed it, this one is being handled by Obsidian (though still published by Bethesda). Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

Click here or simply watch the embed below.

bethesdafalloutteaser trailernew vegas
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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:55am 05/2/10
All I can say about this is w00t!
Posted 11:02am 05/2/10
awesome town, population us.
Posted 11:11am 05/2/10
what's with the tagline... war.. war never changes... i thought the war was over n that's what made it fallout land ;p i wonder if that means that the chinese are in control of vegas?

needs some co-op action i rekn... fallout3 was awesome but i never finished all the dlc add-ons... it was just a bit too much fallout3 ;p still... i'll prolly give it a burl.
Posted 11:12am 05/2/10
I've got to install Fallout 3 again and get playing so I can finish before this is out. God damn such a big game.
Posted 11:19am 05/2/10
new frontier; the West Coast (oft mention in Fallout 3's story), or as its known to everyone else, New Vegas.

Huh? Is it the west coast or nevada? Vegas is something like 500 miles inland?

I wouldn't say west coast is a new frontier, it was where fallout 1 and 2 storylines were located. Fallout 1 had places like the LA boneyard, and Fallout 2 had San Fran + New California Republic.

Not having a go, just curious whether by new vegas they refer to nevada, or whether its another city been renamed.
Posted 11:21am 05/2/10
*sniff*. Although my post about it is nowhere as interesting as yours Steve, so you're forgiven ;)

Consider me pumped. Fallout 3 was my drug of choice to drag me out of WoW, so more of the same can't be a bad thing.. can it? Also (as I mentioned in my thread) keen to find out who the mysterious figure is at the end - The Gasmask & cowboy attire hints towards it being Tycho from the orignial Fallout, but you never know..
Posted 11:26am 05/2/10
this is going to be great ! hopefully you can bring ur character across from the last game mass effect styles and they don't create a whole new vault dweller.

kinda sick of all the oblivious vault dwellers
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:38am 05/2/10
sorry darkjedi

simul, yeah I'm just referring to California and as a new frontier because it *looks* like this new chapter might end up carrying across a lot of Fallout 3 which, for all intents and purposes, is a kind of 'rebeginning' for the series for newcomers (not forgetting the original games, but they don't really have a lot to do with F3 beyond the foundation and cosmetic). Which, if all is true, should mean you can bring your character across from F3 to NV - at least, here's hoping...
Posted 12:39pm 05/2/10
i played fallout3 to death. explored every square on the map. can't wait for more of it.
Posted 12:53pm 05/2/10
Whilst i liked fallout 3, i felt it didn't capture a certain special flavor that the first 2 did... so I'm not that excited about this one... Dare i say imo, that fallout 3 took itself too seriously compared to the previous two and i just didn't fly right... also the ghouls looked stupid.... also where the f*** was harold... with his big f*****g tree growing out of his head... little references like that would of made the game so much better.

Also the game should of played more like biowares modern rpg... this bethesda first person open world stuff kind of s**** me... it was novel with oblivion... and i guess it was novel in fallout 3... but the whole.. do what you want when you want generally kills itself in the ass.. you do something before something else.. and the dialogue and story don't match up (well enough) and it just ruins the fun... Like i think the concepts a great idea.. but untill its implemented well.. it just s**** me.

In saying all of that.. i look forward to shooting s*** up in new vegas.

last edited by groganus at 12:53:11 05/Feb/10
Posted 12:51pm 05/2/10
That's true. The old games did take the piss a fair bit.
Posted 12:54pm 05/2/10
.... also where the f*** was harold... .

isn't he in oasis? i'm pretty sure i destroyed him w my flamethrower of justice
Posted 12:59pm 05/2/10
f*** it, im so pissed off i uninstalled this after i finished the mian story :(

i didnt realise there was going to be so much awesome content to play.

i cant face going through it all again
Posted 01:03pm 05/2/10
i uninstalled then replayed it spook. you softc***.
Posted 01:05pm 05/2/10
i can send ya a save game with a top lvl character spook... good or evil >:D
Posted 01:27pm 05/2/10
f*** it, im so pissed off i uninstalled this after i finished the mian story :(

i didnt realise there was going to be so much awesome content to play.

i cant face going through it all again

I did, and it was worth it, and I've taken to exploring every single nook and cranny of the Wasteland and each of the other maps provided in the DLC. Fallout 3 was so worth the money, making me very psyched up for this new one.
Posted 01:58pm 05/2/10
Throw a few mods on fallout 3 and you can play that s*** forever.
Posted 02:02pm 05/2/10
Although slightly off topic, you can tear up the wasteland online (mmo) with Fonline (Fallout online) 2238.

Closer to the original games than the Bethesda iterations tho. I know we have some older gamers on here :)
Posted 02:02pm 05/2/10
Throw a few mods on fallout 3 and you can play that s*** forever.

oh oh can you recommend a few good ones? i haven't gotten around to sampling any mods yet.
Posted 02:06pm 05/2/10
Yeah, Harold was in Oasis
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:09pm 05/2/10
I didn't burn harold, I crushed his heart - I was seriously hoping by the third DLC though we'd see areas outside the immediate area of Oasis start getting greener - no such luck.
Posted 03:50pm 05/2/10
They need to bring back the groin shot too.
Posted 05:52pm 05/2/10

I *think* I backed up my finished character before formatting a while back.
Oh well if I didn't, I'd do it all again.
Posted 01:01am 09/2/10
Yeah I have a serious feeling this is going to be even further removed from the originality of Fallout 1 and 2, we'll see how it goes but I predict it's going to be crap ;D yay Bethesda! Oh and more of that deliciously s*** engine too, cool. Low res textures here we come!
Posted 01:20am 09/2/10
Its not being made by Bethesda, its being made by Obsidian, so if anything I'd expect it to be more like a traditional rpg and less fps, since thats what Obsidian have generally made in the past.
Posted 01:26am 09/2/10
Posted 08:30am 09/2/10
RPG's should be 3rd person. The game is about the character not you.

Posted 08:49am 09/2/10
you can select third person in this but it looks pooey :(
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