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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:08pm 02/02/10 | 10 Comments
We mentioned this briefly in yesterday's Weekly Wrap, but AusGamers (ie, moi) will be sitting on the panel for Byteside's debut 2010 season 2 episode to discuss the future of the games industry across a variety of topics from gameplay, to trends, new consoles, tech and more.

If you live in Sydney, it's good opportunity to pop down and say hi, throw in a question or two and watch me shine or look like a tool (depending on the angle you're watching). Either way, it's a pretty good and informative night.

You can get more details here, but the program is hosted at the Jam Bar, 52 King St, Sydney.

Hopefully I'll see you there.


Latest Comments
Posted 02:10pm 02/2/10
Hey good luck mate! Good stuff.
Posted 02:35pm 02/2/10
Niceeeeeeeeee, good luck.
Posted 02:40pm 02/2/10
nice one
Posted 02:41pm 02/2/10
Im heading down with a few ppl.
Should be really good, kick ass games section with Farrelly, Yug, and Junglist.
Posted 03:07pm 02/2/10
I would love to meet Steve Farrelly, reviewer and gamer of the year.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:32pm 02/2/10
I want to meet him too - he owes me $20!
Posted 04:51pm 02/2/10
He's not happy about it either it seems

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Posted 05:04pm 02/2/10
I can't be arsed heading into town, but good luck with it
Posted 07:30pm 02/2/10
Sounds like it woulda been fun. But alas, I live in Richmond. Oh, the Richo.
Posted 08:08pm 02/2/10
Dammit I work just down the road, if only I hadn't had a liquid lunch and had seen this thread.
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