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Post by trog @ 12:49pm 28/01/10 | 21 Comments
Team Fortress 2 has had another update, adding a couple of new features and fixing and balancing a stack of other stuff:
# Added 3 new hats that can be worn by any class

* Towering Pillar of Hats"
* Noble Amassment of Hats"
* Modest Pile of Hat"

# Added Propaganda contest winners' hats for First Place, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up
# Added "Edit Loadout" button to the class menu
# Changed the main menu background to randomly use the Red, Blue, and Soldier/Demo background images
# Fixed Snipers being able to shoot enemies through gates
... and many more changes. As always, bounce Steam for the update and jump online to check it out.

team fortress 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:55pm 28/1/10
sweet this means the engie update isnt too far away
Posted 12:56pm 28/1/10
Anyone having fun with the crafting? It kinda sucks a bit you need to smelt like 20 guns to get a hat, takes ages. You wouldn't really bother with making weapons cos you can win them through achievements which is simple enough anyway.
Also notice how weapons have "level 1" "level 10" etc... will that ever mean anything?
Posted 01:10pm 28/1/10
Fixed stickies being destructible before they're stuck to something

I'm glad they fixed this because this is how its meant to be with stickies.

I'm pissed off that of playing thousands of hours I only ever scored 1 hat. And for they past few months before crafting I was throwing away weapons I already had. Had I known about this crafting and the amount of crap you need to make 1 hat I would of kept all my items. Now I dont even bother with it.
Posted 01:14pm 28/1/10
I have never received a random hat.

Only hat I have is one from the Halloween event.
Posted 01:21pm 28/1/10
Only hat I have is one from the Halloween event.

I didnt even get that! I only got the one for pre-ordering L4D2
Posted 01:30pm 28/1/10
Crafting would have been a lot better if the drop rate (or whatever you want to call it) was higher. atm is completely useless. At least add the trading system already F***.

They should do stuff like reward the top player at the end of a map with a random weapon, or top medics etc etc. Do SOMETHING that will increase the rate of acquiring the items required for crafting a new hat.
Posted 01:59pm 28/1/10
Yeah crafting is a bit of a joke. You wait for your three primary weps and then craft a scrap metal. Do that three times and craft a reclaimed metal...

Oh! Look!!! The grass outside is growing on my lawn. Going to watch that instead, guise, back later.

I'm with you Titties, I have the Captain's hat but also that Halloween one. I didn't play on Halloween though, I was in Tassie, so dunno where that came from.
Posted 02:15pm 28/1/10
but also that Halloween one.

you got that one if you killed someone that was wearing it
Posted 02:34pm 28/1/10
Lol. Hats, hats, hats.

It's as if all of Valve's 3d modelers hired recently decided on a career change from millinery.

Posted 03:19pm 28/1/10
Christ... listen to all this f****g bulls*** about hats and crafting.

It's a f****g fps. The three words I dont ever want to hear in a FPS thread are 'crafting', 'hats' and 'drop rate'.

This game has gotten so far from the original TF1 IN A BAD WAY it's not funny.

F*** even TFC was better then this f*****g game is now. I loved TF2 for ages when it first came out but just like every f*****g game these days the 'meta' game takes over and floods the game with useless trash.

My biggest pet hate (and the reason I never brought the later of the battlefield games) is that you can earn/acheive/farm whatever something in game that actually effects gameplay. F*** THAT.

At least blizzard realise this is a BIG no-no and make the wow trading card game only give you new pets and mounts and stuff like that and nothing that actually effects your or anyone elsees game. Otherwise you run the risk of those things becoming manditory and therefore require all new or returning players to farm them up etc.

The whole idea of FPS's usually is taht you start with everything your going to need within your match or you go pick it up while its lying around the level or whatever...(over simplyfied but you get my point) and skill/reflex and map control etc etc are what you need... not unlocks.... you dont have to f*****g do acheivments to get WEAPONS or things that effect the games (hats, fine at least they dont f*****g effect me). Game changing things through unlocks... Thats absurd.

One of the reasons rock arena 3 and CTF were amazing games.

Could you imaging trying to switch to the rocket launcher or rail gun in rocket arena 3 or say the gren launcher/grapple in CTF only to find you haveny unlocked the 'kill 15 spys while wearing your maid apren' f*****g acheivement.

What the f*** has FPS turned into. Jesus f*** this makes me mad.

last edited by gamer at 15:19:10 28/Jan/10
Posted 03:31pm 28/1/10
^You're a f*****g retard. Hats have no impact on gameplay at all, so just play the f*****g game you moron.

Also, they fixed the scouts retarded legs.

also also, they're implementing community created items
Posted 03:35pm 28/1/10
i think he means the weapons. some do affect the gameplay, like the new rocket launcher for the soldier but not to the point where red can beat blue just because theyre using new weapons. a lot of the times the old weapon is better. also it gives people the ability to play differently.

tf2 is continually being balanced.

i dont think gamer has played the game longer than 5 minutes if at all.
Posted 03:38pm 28/1/10
you know there is a TFC mod for HL2 (Fortress Forever) you could play that... you will realise just how s*** that game used to be compared to TF2

also you can play on a server that lost its steam connection and you won't be able to use the new weapons

last edited by thermite at 15:38:40 28/Jan/10
Posted 03:39pm 28/1/10
FraktuRe didnt even get the point and probably didnt even read the post (f***wit number 1)

Greazy is corrent, weapons that arnt given to everyone on load effect gameplay negativly but was wrong about me playing the game for only 5 minutes (f***wit number 2)

And Thermite was just being a troll (f***wit number 3)

My point still stands.
Posted 04:33pm 28/1/10
psh. after those last 3 posts your point is a f*****g spoon.
Posted 06:33pm 28/1/10
TF2 has hats? I've been playing forever and didn't even notice. Why does anyone need hats....is it like an RPG thing where you get better stats and s***?
Posted 06:40pm 28/1/10
no it doesn't gamer.

your point has taken a s***ting on.

gg for being a tard. read the rest of the sentence. because it's a multiplayer game the negativity is so small i doubt it even matters.

twisted some hats are pretty cool, like the pyro has a firemens hat.
Posted 12:29am 29/1/10
Cry some moreeee
Posted 01:04am 29/1/10
gamer, if you have any skill it doesn't take long at all to unlock the extra weapoons. Just play the game normally and they just come to you.
Posted 01:54am 29/1/10
If you have teh google skills you can unlock the weapons instantly using an unlocker if you are keen.

Like greazy said though, the unlockables aren't BFG-1000's and in a lot of cases the original weapon is better. Most of the weapons don't buff the character but give the him an alternative playing style.

Hats are like achievements or costumes, if you don't like them just ignore them f*****s or play a real mans game like l4d2 :)
Posted 01:56am 29/1/10
I didnt even get that! I only got the one for pre-ordering L4D2

I put in some solid gametime for a few months and i got no hats. All i got was the same s*** items over and over.
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