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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:46pm 25/01/10 | 3 Comments
We've had a sporadic few sessions with BioShock 2, not all of which filled us with a great deal of hope for the final outcome. However, closer to the game's release and with new demos and a chance to chat directly to 2K Australia, we've begun to give the game a chance based on a few key things shown.

While the final verdict is still a few weeks off, we can let you know a few new pieces of info from our preview sessions ahead of our official review, so anyone even remotely interested in the outcome of this game might want to read our full thoughts.

Click here for the preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:35pm 25/1/10
Pre-ordered and cannot wait!!! Loved the first one.
Posted 06:01pm 25/1/10
woah didn't know the game was finished, i thought it had at least a few more months on it.
Posted 09:26pm 25/1/10
It's really great to hear that the singleplayer appears to live up to it's predecessor. Going into E3 2009, BioShock 2 was high on my list of must-sees but when we were shown this horribly generic multiplayer mode that felt completely tacked-on and out of place, it really flushed my expectations down the toilet into an underwater city filled with excrement.

If multiplayer hasn't improved (which by the looks of the trailers it hasn't), they'd do better to just scrap it, lest it taint the story-driven solo game. I really wish they'd spent their efforts implementing cooperative into the full story campaign, rather than cheap done-to-death adversarial.
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