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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:55am 22/01/10 | 13 Comments
If you haven't jumped back into the original 1999 AvP as developed by Rebellion (and recently made re-available via Steam for a very nice price), the UK developer has a new trailer talking about the leaps in technology since their last effort more than 10 years ago, but maintaining that their core vision hasn't changed.

It's great to see the two games side by side like this, and having just had a deeper glimpse at the game recently, believe us when we say the new AvP is the ultimate Aliens, Marines and Predator experience - most likely what fans have been wanting from the potential of all three all along.

Click here to check out or just watch the embed below.

aliens vs predatorsteamrebellion

Latest Comments
Posted 01:12pm 22/1/10
Whilst not perfect, I still think Avp Gold was one of the best games I've ever played.
Posted 01:34pm 22/1/10

I can not wait for this game to come out.. it might be one of the few games i actually pay for.
Posted 01:36pm 22/1/10
AvP was a pretty scary f*****g game.
Posted 01:41pm 22/1/10

Do you know what that word means ?
"next to last"

believe us when we say the new AvP is the next to last Aliens, Marines and Predator experience

It comes from the latin for almost final. So lets try that

believe us when we say the new AvP is the almost final Aliens, Marines and Predator experience

I know it has the word ultimate in it ... and the pen makes it sound cool and wordy. But it just doesn't make sense.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:48pm 22/1/10
it's meant in the context of being the lead up to what everyone has expected - their expectations pertaining to "last", it being "penultimate" because it's as close as it has come, "next to last"
Posted 01:50pm 22/1/10
So you are saying it's second best ?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:55pm 22/1/10
I'm saying fan expectations will never be 100% met - with anything. ever. but this is the closest. It's just me trying to be a bit more creative - I changed it to make it clearer
Posted 08:50pm 22/1/10
Any word if they are going to have Survivor mode like the original game? you know the bunker where you just fought off aliens all the time with a few players it was awesome fun.
Posted 01:11am 23/1/10
having trouble running the original on win 7. game will load show intro movie then you get the targeting reticule and health/energy if pred with the rest of the screen black. steam have updated to run is that update available anywhere by itself? any help much apperciated
Posted 01:36am 23/1/10
I'm saying fan expectations will never be 100% met - with anything. ever.
Never heard a single bad thing from anyone about the ROTK movie :P (apart from f*** who hated the movies but they aren't fans)
Posted 02:30pm 24/1/10
I've had a chance to see some PS3 review code recently and it's f*****g awesome. It looks great on the PS3, especially when you get up close and personal for executions, so I can't wait to see how sexy it looks on PC!
Posted 03:51pm 24/1/10
mat - Nope, buying the re-release is the only way to get the update.
Posted 08:03pm 24/1/10
well thats f@*ked. more cash for them. guess ill have to wait a few weeks then. was just hoping thanx mantorok
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