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Post by Dan @ 05:04pm 18/01/10 | 20 Comments
SEGA have sent along another new promo trailer for Aliens vs Predator, the game that was refused classification by the Australian Classification Board only to be re-classified MA15+ after an appeal. Titled "Kill Moves", today's video shows off some of the features that contributed to its ratings controversy.

Check it out right here on AusGamers.

Aliens vs Predator is due February 18th 2010 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

aliens vs predatortrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:12pm 18/1/10
man there's a great alien-tail decap one in there
Posted 05:17pm 18/1/10
Posted 05:19pm 18/1/10
see, I wouldn't want my younger kids playing this (like under 15)
but with an ma15+ rating its all too easy for them to get their hands on it
Posted 05:31pm 18/1/10
please don't be a f**n skirt not like any kid just cant load up google and type in dismemberment or tits and see R18+ material whenever he wants anyway.
Posted 05:32pm 18/1/10
lolol Teq you will get hung for treason around here!!!!

P.S that was f*****g awesome.
Posted 05:45pm 18/1/10
load up google and type in dismemberment or tits

oh jackpot dude, thanks

last edited by thermite at 17:45:53 18/Jan/10
Posted 05:39pm 18/1/10
wigga plz, with a "network engineer" for a father, my kids are going to f*****g hate my ability to lock down their intertubes
Posted 05:40pm 18/1/10
Man that is f***en awesome. The only thing im going to hate about my 4 week honeymoon in italy is missing the release of this beasty.
Posted 05:42pm 18/1/10
Am I doing it right?
Posted 05:44pm 18/1/10
Who f*****' cares if some twelve year old plays violent games. I bet everyone here played violent games (doom, wolf3d) when growing up, unless you are an oldy pong probably wasn't that violent.

BTW that was awesome! Graphics look a little dated but hopefully it is good fun like the original.

AvP on steam for 5bucks fyi.

last edited by ctd at 17:44:39 18/Jan/10
Posted 05:46pm 18/1/10
Posted 05:46pm 18/1/10
Anyone else notice Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 on Steam? Pretty cool that they tweaked it and recompiled it with DirectX 9.0c to improve compatibility with modern hardware.
Posted 05:52pm 18/1/10
should be a cracker... can't wait.
Posted 05:55pm 18/1/10
Hahah your kids were f***ed from the get go teq, im pretty sure a few video games arent going to change that....you should be more worried about them getting to the age when they realise what a c****moker you are and go on to disown you.
Posted 06:51pm 18/1/10
Aliens virtually killing eachother - bad.

Racial hatred - good.
Posted 09:55pm 18/1/10
So the trailer is legal here but the game isnt ?
Posted 09:56pm 18/1/10
Read the OP newb :P
Posted 10:13pm 18/1/10
faceman really was abducted.
everyone knows it's been unbanned
Posted 11:49am 19/1/10
Man that looks violently entertaining.

Posted 12:23pm 19/1/10
.......i made my own advent calender to celebrate the release of this game.....

its now been 12 years.... but we're almost there haha...
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