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Post by Dan @ 12:20pm 13/01/10 | 9 Comments
Ubisoft have sent along two new screenshots from the hotly anticipated Splinter Cell: Conviction, revealing another new tasty feature - Splitscreen cooperative play.

Although the last couple of Splinter Cell games have featured a cooperative element, both were limited to network play only so splitscreen will no-doubt be a welcome addition to many armchair Third Echelon agents around the globe.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is due on Xbox 360 and PC on February 25 2010. Hit the thumbs below for the goodness.

splinter cell convictionscreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 01:00pm 13/1/10
f*** me dead, how many games has this splinter cell mob made?? Ever heard of quality over quantity?
re so
Posted 01:02pm 13/1/10
This is the 5th Splinter Cell? Last one came out in 2006.

The first one and the 3rd one were pretty good.
Posted 01:12pm 13/1/10
ahh ok, not too bad as i thought.
Posted 01:12pm 13/1/10
The first one and the 3rd one were pretty good.
I'd say the first 3 were good, Double Agent was a mess though.
Posted 01:21pm 13/1/10
I liked 1-3. Double Agent was just really bad and I couldn't get into it. Be needing a pc upgrade for this one.
Posted 01:23pm 13/1/10
A+++ on this news. My Media PC and my friends vote "Yes"
Posted 06:39pm 15/1/10
Awsome, would be even better if this could be for PC.

My favourite Splinter Cell games are 1 and 3, and yes I did not like Double Agent so much. Lets hope Conviction will be better than all of the Splinter Cells put together!
Posted 07:26pm 15/1/10
Everyone seems to hate on Double Agent, but I thought it was pretty cool, I quite enjoyed it.

Anyway, this one looks f*****g awesome, can't wait!
Posted 12:45am 16/1/10
Awsome, would be even better if this could be for PC.
The game is for PC but I doubt split screen co-op will make it, that's not exactly popular in PC games.
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