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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:05pm 12/01/10 | 20 Comments
Neil Blomkamp, the out-of-left-field director whose big-screen debut, District 9, has earned him a place in Hollywood as a competent and capable man behind the camera has gone on record with the LA Times to state the idea of a District 9 videogame "stresses me out a little bit because games based on movies rarely work. And movies based on games don't work - I don't know what's up with that?".

When asked why, if he doesn't think movies based on games can work, he was going to direct a Halo movie Blomkamp confidently states because he thinks he's the man who could make it work.

He also talks about his love of videogames and that certain sequences in the movie were shot with videogame perspectives in-mind.

Click here for the full interview.

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Posted 01:34pm 12/1/10
Posted 01:49pm 12/1/10


and future GOTY ?
Posted 01:52pm 12/1/10
I had mixed thoughts over D9, but that is a great interview.
Posted 02:00pm 12/1/10


would be third in my list of top movies this year
Posted 02:06pm 12/1/10
All movie games and game movies suck, unless I make them and make money off them.

Yeah, totally, that's exactly why.

Sarcasm detector doesn't work well on the interwebs, but it went well off at this line. He's doing it for the cold hard cash and good on him.
Posted 02:32pm 12/1/10
If he was doing it for the cash he would have accepted the massive budget hollywood offers for his next movie? DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Posted 02:37pm 12/1/10
All movie games and game movies suck, unless I make them and make money off them.

I agree with you, but only for those games which are supposed to be released at the same time as the movie.

production schedule for this can be drawn out a little bit longer because the movie has already been released- and they will have more creative license.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:22pm 12/1/10
bottom line is, a game based on this narrative foundation would be okay, but based specifically on events from the movie would be epic fail

maybe a prequel that only focuses on the aliens and how they ended up at Earth - maybe some huge battle with another species or something
Posted 03:50pm 12/1/10
Hitman worked as a movie.
Posted 04:37pm 12/1/10
That's debatable..
Posted 04:45pm 12/1/10
Wolverine worked as a game based on a movie based on a cartoon based on a comic.

Lots of points of failure but it was still a win.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:03pm 12/1/10
yeah I thought the game was heaps fun actually
Posted 06:45pm 12/1/10
I saw district 9 the other day.


I ended up skipping through most of it, I'm glad I didn't see it at the movies else I'd have walked out.
Posted 07:44pm 12/1/10
Whoop you are seriously s*** at both movies and trolling.
Strange Rash
Posted 07:48pm 12/1/10
I thought this was whoops way of coming out of the closet

District 9 s***?

Posted 07:53pm 12/1/10
District 9 had more plot holes than Avatar.
Posted 08:37pm 12/1/10
I found some plot holes when watching the little mermaid. I'll discuss this more tomorrow after a second screening.
Posted 07:01pm 14/1/10
it was ok. but kinda stupid. and yes the plot was super thin. but some cool effects.
Posted 11:00pm 14/1/10
what was thin about the plot, exactly?
Posted 11:54pm 14/1/10
uh oh! you've gotten big bad trog into it now.

refer to district 9 thread for rebuttle
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