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Post by Robbo @ 11:02pm 07/01/10 | 20 Comments
Independent developers Wolfire Games and Uknown Worlds Entertainment are bundling Overgrowth and Natural Selection 2 for pre-order for over 40% off at a price of $39.95 (for one week only)!

Already pre-ordered one of these games? Then you should be in for a nice surprise as you now get the other one free! If you pre-ordered NS2, you can get a free copy of Overgrowth here. If you pre-ordered Overgrowth, you can get a free copy of NS2 Special Edition here.

What makes this bundle so awesome is that unlike other "indie" bundles which are hosted by corporate middle men, we are actually putting this promotion on by ourselves, so all sales will directly support our game development. We both practice "open development" which means that preordering gets you access to early builds of our games and tech. Since we're building our own engines from scratch and bundling them with editor suites, people are already able to start building their own custom levels (and have already been doing so!).

We don't have marketing budgets so we're relying heavily on word of mouth. Please be sure to tell your friends!

This trailer sums it all up nicely...

Check the official site for more info.

The Organic Indie Preorder Pack FAQ will answer any questions you have about things like steam.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:24pm 08/1/10
Cheers for that Robbo. Promoted to news (edited slightly, hope you don't mind).

Agreed that the overgrowth game itself looks pretty weak, but seems like their idea is more for an engine tech demo. Nice to see a couple of indie crews teaming up like this.
Posted 12:41pm 08/1/10
Haha, funny. They're trying to sell indie games actually independently but everyone is more concerned about whether or not it will be available on a corporate sponsored product.
I'm not looking out for anybody but myself when I say I want to have it on my Steam account.

Also, what Seven said.

Agreed. I don't even buy games if they're not on steam anymore. It's just easier. So hopefully NS2 makes its way to steam soon!
Posted 12:56pm 08/1/10
Pretty much because I enjoy downloading games that don't count towards my monthly cap. Otherwise I'd buy straight away.
Posted 03:17pm 08/1/10
Was hoping you would edit it Dan, I was pretty tired when I wrote this.

I pre-ordered OG a while ago because I loved some of the tech videos. The engine is really shaping up nicely. Also if the games combat improves on luguru then I can see it being a really fun game.
Posted 06:39pm 08/1/10
Thanks for the news. I pre ordered NS2 ages ago, so finding that I now get a free game on top? Awesome!

I think it looks like it'll be pretty fun (mods will no doubt help).

Great idea to team up, and I'd still buy NS2 if I had to mail them a pile of floppy disks for them to mail it back on. So steam would just be a bonus for me (the server support and more publicity would help ensure it lasts)
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