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Post by ctd @ 12:00pm 23/12/09 | 70 Comments
Steam has launched a new holiday sale.

Looks like this is bigger than the one they had a few weeks ago. Today's Highlights:
Mirrors Edge - $5.00
GTA4 - $7.50
Defense Grid: The Awakening - $2.50
STALKER - $1.50
As well as 66% off all Unreal, 50% off all THQ, Ubisoft, Atari, Eidos and 33% off all 2K Games titles. promoted/edited forum item

steamchristmas 2009

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Posted 12:22pm 23/12/09
40 hours left :)
Posted 12:34pm 23/12/09
7.50 for gta4 is pretty bloody good
Posted 12:36pm 23/12/09
Wow, those are some nice prices!
Posted 12:59pm 23/12/09
nice one, thanks
Posted 01:05pm 23/12/09
Holy crap, Steam rocks. $7.50 for GTA4!
Posted 01:07pm 23/12/09
GTA4 - $7.50

Thanks for heads up champ!
Posted 01:32pm 23/12/09
isnt gta4 on pc a really s***** port?
Posted 01:38pm 23/12/09
Nah, GTA4 on PC is fine... just make sure you've got the hardware to run it.

I've got an intel i7 920, 6GB ram and an nvidia GTX 275 and had no hassles running high (not highest) settings with around 50 to 60 fps @ 1680x1050.

The only thing that annoyed me with it is the mouse lag, but you get used to that fairly quickly.
Posted 01:41pm 23/12/09
ta ctd, edited your post a bit to make it more news-able, hope that's OK
Posted 01:42pm 23/12/09
if you had ati you could run all on highest euphoria :P

/start ati vs nvidia war #910495801000000000
Posted 01:44pm 23/12/09
/start ati vs nvidia war #910495801000000000
nah, pass.

I just picked up Mirror's Edge for $5 USD. Nice.
Posted 01:56pm 23/12/09
You can purchase as gifts too - sweet.
Posted 01:57pm 23/12/09
if you had ati you could run all on highest euphoria :P
There's nothing ATI specific about the highest settings, you just need a card with more than 1GB of VRAM.
Posted 03:18pm 23/12/09
Just picked up Ridd***: Dark Athena for $6 and Torchlight for $10, not bad.
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:22pm 23/12/09
S***, I'm gonna grab GTA4. Those prices are crazy!
Posted 03:26pm 23/12/09
torchlight, world of goo, dawn of war 2 and mirrors edge.

good stuff
Posted 03:27pm 23/12/09
Too bad left 4 dead is censored. Just wouldn't be the same
Posted 03:58pm 23/12/09
Nah, GTA4 on PC is fine... just make sure you've got the hardware to run it.
It's technically fine, but it's the most disappointing game I've ever played, I reckon. Super lush graphics, awesome environment let down by epic snoozefest of a story that decays in interest like the highest energy short lived particle created in the LHC
Posted 04:00pm 23/12/09
Multiplayer is pretty fun
Posted 04:03pm 23/12/09
probably going to get arkham asylum and id software pack for some oldschool gaming... and world of goo!

i'm going to have a field day tonight! pickup plenty of bargains
Posted 04:13pm 23/12/09
i've downloaded over 50gb on umetered content this month from pretty much from steam...
Posted 04:27pm 23/12/09
epic snoozefest of a story
it wasn't that bad, but yeah, it's no san andreas.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:05am 25/12/09
I've gotten about 30 titles from this. Was never that big into Steam until now!
Posted 12:23am 25/12/09
gta4, both stalker games, mirrors edge bought. lets see what specials pop up in the next 3 1/2 hours
Posted 01:04am 25/12/09
i bought mirrors edge and outrun 2006 coast 2 coast
Posted 01:55am 25/12/09
Outrun! how much was that?
Posted 02:02am 25/12/09
ok just checked.. $2.50!

Posted 02:04am 25/12/09
L4D2 is on special as well. Clocked up 96hours so far on this gayme.

2 hours till next lot of dealzors.

Need a new computer baddddd.
Posted 09:25am 25/12/09
So borderland and ID pack on special
Posted 11:32am 25/12/09
Serial Sam HD for 10 bucks - sold! Just gotta get me mates to buyzor
Posted 01:23pm 25/12/09
Just bought 100$ worth of stuff, even though I don't have a PC at the moment, really really good deals, esp that ID pack!
Posted 03:05pm 25/12/09
Anyone know how to automatically go through and install the uninstalled games in steam? Stuff going through and manually hitting install-next-next-finish for all these games I've just bought.
Posted 07:03pm 25/12/09
the eidos pack is damn nice, pity i've already played through batman once and cbf doing it again
Posted 07:16pm 25/12/09
Is Assassin's Creed worth the time (ignoring cost)? Reviews seem mixed ...
Posted 07:19pm 25/12/09
i finished it but it is repetitive as hell and has lots of little annoyances that really detract from the enjoyment for a lot of people.

honestly, i reckon there's better ways to spend your gaming time/money at the moment.
Posted 07:35pm 25/12/09
So many games to get, not sure what. someone name something. thinking torchlight, but it's 10 bux.
Posted 07:44pm 25/12/09
honestly, i reckon there's better ways to spend your gaming time/money at the moment.

Cheers that's exactly what I was after. Many of the reviews agreed that it was repetitive and some scenes were awkward on PC. Might look elsewhere ...
Posted 07:47pm 25/12/09
assasin creed 2 rips s*** all over 1 tho. it is pretty fun free-running around and jumping off s*** to kill guards mid air etc
Posted 07:59pm 25/12/09
thinking torchlight, but it's 10 bux.

torchlight was AWESOME
Posted 08:09pm 25/12/09
Posted 08:13pm 25/12/09
f*** yer, my pet did some serious k's

ive got to level 62 and still jump on and thrash out a level or two here and there

the game is crying out for more content, but for the price, its maximum value for dollar
Posted 11:53pm 25/12/09
are they going to release a multiplayer update for it or will that be a separate purchase?
Posted 12:42pm 26/12/09
I doubt torchlight will ever have multiplayer.

It's a way for the team to raise funds to further develop a mmo based on the torchlight universe.

I have to say its a pretty awesome game. It has all the polish and replayability of a blizzard game which is not unsurprising because it is made by the Diablo Blizzard team. It's easily worth $10.
Posted 01:34pm 26/12/09
dammit I missed the l4d2 special AGAIN!
Posted 02:12pm 26/12/09
Is Assassin's Creed worth the time (ignoring cost)? Reviews seem mixed ...

Nah, you can get the gist of the story from AC2, which is 100000x better
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:33pm 26/12/09
Hmm, I don't know what the deal is here, I was under the impression that steam downloads didn't count towards your limit? (I'm with Telstra and have my steam set up to download from Telstra). I woke up this afternoon to check on the progress of the games I've bought and it's taken me over my download limit (Thank god though for the new plans and the no excess download usage charges!!).
Anyone know for certain what the deal is?
Posted 02:43pm 26/12/09
Anyone know for certain what the deal is?

yes, yuo are very bad at computars
re so
Posted 03:31pm 26/12/09
GameArena hosted content would be free, but the selector built in to Steam is just a preference thing, it still connects to 3 or 4 other content servers as well.

Get Freys Steam filter (the gui one)

I find it easier to click install on an unloaded game, let it build the local cache thing, and then once it starts downloading run the filter. Sometimes trying to run the filter while trying to build the local cache will just give you errors.
Posted 04:56pm 26/12/09
Just have the filter on permanently. And yeah you are the steam noob.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 05:02pm 26/12/09
I'll be the first to admit I'm a steam noob. Up until 2 weeks ago I couldn't stand it and felt it a pain in the arse when I wanted to play the 2 games I owned that needed steam. I've come to apreciate it alot more now though!
Posted 05:35pm 26/12/09
Howto buy games without steam?
Posted 05:40pm 26/12/09
I grabbed GTA4 and PoP: Sands of time, then used the cc=uk thingy to get Witcher & ghostbusters. Now to find hdd space on my steam drive to install them all :/
Posted 01:53pm 29/12/09
Some good deals today if you haven't played these
* Killing Floor - $4.99 (75% Off)
* BioShock - $4.99 (75% Off)
* The Orange Box - $14.99 (50% Off but sif anyone doesn't have this)
* Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - $7.49 (75% Off)
Posted 02:16pm 29/12/09
burnout paradise is pretty cool

massive game, so much to do!
Posted 02:23pm 01/1/10
Shattered Horizon for $5! $15USD for the 4 pack.
Posted 03:29pm 01/1/10
Make sure you check the cc-us steam page, cheaper and more deals.

Eg. Crisis pack is way cheaper. Yesterday they had max payne1/2 for 3 bucks and you couldn't see it on the aussie steam page.
Posted 10:52am 04/1/10

Last day of sales - repeat day.
Killing Floor
Defense Grid
Posted 11:04am 04/1/10
Awesome price for Torchlight if anyone missed it the other day.

Also, Get L4D2 now if you want it, Trog.
Posted 11:47am 04/1/10
yeah i picked up a few beauties over the last few days :

shattered horizen 5 bucks
defense grid : the awakening 5 bucks (not a bad TD game for when you're bored)
eidos pack 37 bucks i think (incl arkham asylum)
rome total war 5 bucks

i still havent downloaded shattered horizen...

EDIT: anyone want the tomb raiders gifted to them? i'm never gonna play it..
Posted 12:10pm 04/1/10
I'd say yes, but I suspect with Witcher, Ghostbusters, GTA4 et al I'll be in the same boat.
Posted 06:19pm 04/1/10
i regret buying torchlight.

it wasn't worth the money.
Posted 06:21pm 04/1/10
i regret buying torchlight.

it wasn't worth the money.

Don't listen to this madman.
If you loved diablo/diablo II then buy this game.
Posted 07:47pm 04/1/10
Wow how bad does it have to be to not be worth 5 bucks?
Posted 07:56pm 04/1/10
was going to buy torchlight and the witcher, then realised i would probably never play them.
Posted 08:37pm 04/1/10
i bought it for 10. for 5 i might have been satisfied but not for 10. i loved d2 and played that a lot.

this is extremely similar to d2, with a few awesome add ons. but not enough change to make it worth 10.

what might be happening is that the alchemy class im playing is boring. so i might change it.
Posted 08:55pm 04/1/10
lols, alchemy class;

warrior or you're a f*****
Posted 09:32pm 04/1/10
teach me your ways masta spook
Posted 09:39pm 04/1/10
I got it for 5 dorra and feel like I ripped someone off.

I reckon Alch can get a bit boring with lots of pets, I don't even see some mini-bosses before the +rep appears! I'm only playing on hard tho.
Posted 09:41pm 04/1/10
Killing Floor is pretty good for the price
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