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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:13am 18/12/09 | 3 Comments
Aside from the Digital Comics launch, PSP owners can also jump into an available demo for Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, while PS3 owners can go into the running to check out the official (and long awaited) Gran Turismo 5 demo via the launch of the GT Academy 2010 online Time Trial, also available from the PlayStation Network today.
Anyone from a participating country who is aged over 18, holds a full driving licence and is eligible under the terms and conditions of the competition can enter the Time Trial stage of GT Academy 2010. All you need is access to a PlayStation®3 (PS3™) connected to the internet.

Download the Gran Turismo time trial from PlayStation®Store via PlayStation®Network and you’re ready to go! Lap times will be recorded on the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course driving the Gran Turismo versions of both a standard, road version of Nissan’s stunning 370Z as well as a tuned version of the same car. Combined lap times will give each player a place on their country leaderboard and participants are invited to post as many times as they like.
Apparently an Aussie is actually top of the worldwide leaderboard even as we speak.

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Posted 11:56am 18/12/09
Downloaded the Japanese version which came in earlier but have to say it's hard to make an honest opinion about GT Academy sampler's physics simulation as it is very sensitive and sometimes frustrating ( especially if you'ved picked the normal 370Z-car ).. noticed that it's quite hard to steer thru turns and even when doing an early braking manoeuvre will sometimes get the car very sideways and a lot of times be caught-up in the grass/sand, you really have to be gentle ( less is more ) with the controls.
Also downloaded Australian version yesterday, afterwards you couldn't get in the game straight away as it seems to have a malfunction with the server.. got fixed but it took some time.
Posted 04:07pm 20/12/09
it's pretty cool, though it seems thus far the wheel users dominate. I'd be mighty impressed if a controller user could top them and if you don't have a wheel seems hardly worth bothering.
Posted 04:15pm 20/12/09
I checked the leaderboard yesterday and like 90 of the top100 were all australian? Has no one else got this trial? Aussie leaderboard with token internationals?

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