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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:59am 18/12/09 | 4 Comments
Sony's PSP is now a virtual comic-book, with the launch of the Digital Comics store from the PlayStation Store with 100s of launch titles available right now.
Digital Comics is a revolutionary new service that brings the brightness and excitement of your favourite comics to the screen of PSP (PlayStation Portable) or PSP (PlayStation Portable)go. Now including favourites from the Disney stable, Digital Comics lets PSP users download their choice of hundreds of classic and new comics from PlayStation Store to PSP to read page by page or frame by frame - wherever they are.
There's no official pricing as each title varies, but free samples are available to peruse right now. We've had a quick look and it is definitely an awesome addition - if you grab any, be sure to share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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Posted 11:27am 18/12/09
Pretty cool idea and I liked the look of how it all worked. While I love reading e-books now I am not sure how it would go for comics, though the demo I saw of this in Germany looked like they'd put a lot of thought into it. Had a cool pane-browsing system so you could easily flip between panes, but ot really sure how well it will deal with comics that have full-page art occasionally.

If anyone tries it plz holler and let us know how it looks!
Posted 11:28am 18/12/09
Obviously no iPhone variant I gather?
Posted 11:32am 18/12/09
I've had a quick bash as reading comics on the iPhone and it doesn't work too well. Too much scrolling to get the full picture. Anything less than a 15" laptop screen (for 2 page side by side) is too small imo.
Posted 11:32am 18/12/09
Yeh, I was hoping for a cell-per-page deal. I would so pay for that :(
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