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Post by trog @ 05:27pm 17/12/09 | 18 Comments
A new update for Team Fortress 2 is about to land, offering updates for both the Demoman (sword and shield) and the Soldier, who gets a new rocket:
...the Direct Hit has a 70% smaller blast radius than a traditional rocket launcher. But the rockets that come out of this thing move fast and hit hard: 80% faster and with 25% more destructive force. Best of all, for you real sharpshooters, the Direct Hit guarantees mini-crits on airborne targets.

A free weekend is about to kick off as well, giving you the chance to take the new changes for a test drive - so (if you haven't got the game already) start pre-loading and get ready for a weekend of TF2 mayhem.

team fortress 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:12pm 17/12/09
the soldier has a pick axe and a bugle now
Posted 06:23pm 17/12/09

Note: Pretty much any time we reveal a new weapon, somebody on the forums claims they thought of it first. But this time, assuming its Tom Francis and jibberish, they are absolutely correct. As a special thanks to them for doing our work for us,


Email Valve sent to the guy who thought up the idea.

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Posted 08:55pm 17/12/09
bugle is going to be awesome.
Posted 09:20pm 17/12/09
i have just completely lost track of all the updates for tf2
Posted 11:19pm 17/12/09
They'll also (finally) be releasing 'item crafting' which basically lets you trade your duplicate items for something you actually want.

Hopefully I can get a hat out of my fifty or so dead ringers.

Man I really thought soldier would win but I guess its going to the demoman now. I blame 32 player servers with tight corners. The grenade spam has been pretty nasty over the past week. And teams of all demomen seem to work surprisingly well in most circumstances.
Posted 11:35pm 17/12/09
I can't believe the demos caught up. I call match fixing by valve.
Posted 11:43pm 17/12/09
nope, that would be me (and me bottle o scrumpy).

go demo!
Posted 11:49pm 17/12/09
Posted 12:30pm 18/12/09
Posted 12:39pm 18/12/09

It was never in doubt, tbh. I tried to boost demo myself but probs did more harm to the cause than good.

Anyway, it's neither here nor there - whatever they update will be balanced for one, and whatever they don't update now they will update later. Life is one big marketing game.
Posted 12:56pm 18/12/09
So when is the update available?
Posted 01:20pm 18/12/09

No advancement has been made in the escalation sciences since… until now. Introducing the Gunboats, secondary-slot boots that reduce rocket jump damage by a huge amount, rendering stairs forever useless. What is the science behind these miracles of technology? Magic, probably.

Haha, I love the humour at Valve
Posted 01:25pm 18/12/09
update should be out today
Posted 01:42pm 18/12/09
Haha particle effect? tf2, the mmo.
Posted 01:45pm 18/12/09
you know smoke and explosions and teleporters and crits and heaps of s*** are particle effects...
Posted 01:48pm 18/12/09
Many servers are yet to update :'(
Posted 01:50pm 18/12/09
so much updated goodness, and I'm still capped :(
Posted 02:08pm 18/12/09
hah.. s*** i just realised on those tf2 update pages that look like newspapers, you can actually click 'read more' to read more. f*****g interface fail - who expects a newpaper to be interactive?
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