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Post by Dan @ 10:38am 04/12/09 | 32 Comments
Brisbane gamers are encouraged to show their support for an introduction of an 18+ rating for video games this weekend at an organised protest rally in the city's centre.

A timely occurrence, following today's news that the hotly anticipated Aliens vs Predator has joined the list of RC titles for 2009.
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: King George Square, Brisbane
Check out this Facebook Event and for more information.

Queensland residents are also encouraged to sign this Parliment Petition in support of a state-approved R18+ rating.

For further support of the R18+ rating for video games in Australia and other important related issues, AusGamers recommends Electronic Frontiers Australia.

r18+refused classification

Latest Comments
Posted 11:00am 04/12/09
Lighting Bolt!
Posted 11:19am 04/12/09
hahaha teq, well said.
Posted 11:20am 04/12/09
Lets hope that more than 4 people turn up to it
Posted 11:25am 04/12/09
I'm actually surprised at the number of signatures on that petition. I still wouldn't vote for anna bligh if she got this passed, though.
Posted 12:05pm 04/12/09
Can someone put up a web site for this subject like:

We need some common ground to stand on until this is resolved. Ie, the numb nuts in Govt. to see that grown up DO play games.
Posted 01:26pm 04/12/09
I think too many gamers will be playing games on a sat. to come. Although no R18 classification is pointless I've long ago just ordered all my games from overseas anyway, banned or not.
Posted 02:52pm 04/12/09
I'll be too hungover, methinks.
Posted 02:54pm 04/12/09
Midday...they've though this through.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 02:55pm 04/12/09
I think about 20 people will turn up....
Posted 03:10pm 04/12/09
i bet most people who turn up will be under 18....
Posted 03:19pm 04/12/09
I'm interisted to see how many people actually show up for it.
Anyone from here actually planning on going?

Even if I wasn't busy tomorrow I probably wouldn't head all the way into the city for it. It seems like a lot of effort to organise though and I wish the protestors the best of luck with numbers.
Posted 03:29pm 04/12/09
If I was to walk past and see a physical protest about this in the street I think I would literally ROFL....

What a sad sad thing to protest in the city center about. I want this just as much as the next gamer but this is taking things a little to far, you will be laughed off the street.

Anyways for all those going remember to pack your sunscreen for you ultra-sensitive skin because you haven't seen daylight in 5 years.

P.S i would like to reiterate that I am all for the R18+ rating.
Posted 03:53pm 04/12/09
It's a whole 2.5 minute walk from my apartment. I don't really have an excuse to not be there. I'd only be playing my uncensored version of Left 4 Dead 2, otherwise.
Posted 03:55pm 04/12/09
11.00am? Most serious gamers aren't awake by then.
Posted 07:01pm 04/12/09
man the hell up and be there
Posted 07:39pm 04/12/09
What a sad sad thing to protest in the city center about. I want this just as much as the next gamer but this is taking things a little to far, you will be laughed off the street.
way to think champ
Posted 08:19pm 04/12/09
the amount of people that play computer games is astonishing nowadays.

id be there if it werent for work.

you have my support brothers in arms.
Posted 08:37pm 04/12/09
What a sad sad thing to protest in the city center about.

Yeah, because censorship is such a minor issue after all....
Posted 10:58pm 04/12/09
I'll be speaking at this; come down and say hi if you have the time.
Posted 02:08am 05/12/09
concernedgamer/consoletroll et al; you just sound ignorant, the average gamer is a 35 y/o middle class white collar type with a family
Posted 11:11am 05/12/09
i will continue to protest by buying banned games overseas
Posted 03:43pm 05/12/09
you should be also sending emails to companies like EB telling them you've done so.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:17pm 05/12/09
anyone know how this went?
Posted 07:22pm 05/12/09
no idea, I was playing games at that hour
Posted 07:38pm 05/12/09
varnishing a table at said hour, how'd it go
Posted 07:43pm 05/12/09
<- still asleep at that hour
Posted 09:15pm 05/12/09
hmm, didnt see you out the window
Posted 09:46pm 05/12/09
Did this even make the news?
Posted 02:45pm 07/12/09
i agree, may seem silly protesting game restrictions, but we the public have to put our foot down for our rights. if we don't, in another 10-20 years we'll be protesting the banning of sports because theyre 'violent', some of the players have used drugs, and most of the players have had sex. besides, violence and pornography are everywhere these days, what fantasy world do these people live in? are we going to be banning the news soon? whats more influential than seeing the attrocities that our world leaders commit in our names?
Posted 03:15pm 07/12/09
So who went? How'd it go?
Posted 03:19pm 07/12/09
Following a mate's Twitter commentary about this on Saturday, he said only about 30 people turned up in total. I think the final opinion was that "it failed miserably to achieve much of anything".

Posted 09:41pm 07/12/09
Too many fat gamers going pro to get out of their houses.
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