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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:41pm 03/12/09 | 3 Comments
Modern Warfare 2, for everyone's complaints about its length, is still one hell of a roller-coaster ride from start to finish, and it seems Hollywood believes such chaotic direction in a videogame, can translate to skills needed to make a film. Keith Arem, MW2's talent director, will take on directing duties for "Frost Road"; a seminal post-apocalyptic action/thriller which he also penned.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the skills I've honed in the game industry to the big screen," Arem said. "There's an incredible talent pool currently working in the game industry, and I hope that the success of Frost Road will give other creators the chance to show what they can do on a wider canvas."

Indeed, I'm pretty sure this one will be watched like a hawk.

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Posted 12:49pm 03/12/09
wait, games have directors?
Posted 12:56pm 03/12/09
The names vary, but there's usually one of two people in charge of creative control of the game, usually a Lead Designer or Creative Director. This guy wasn't the "Director" of the game in MW2's case though, just the voice actor side of things by the looks.
As talent director on the game, Arem was responsible for directing, casting and engineering all of the actors for the game, which included 50 Cent, Barry Pepper, Kevin McKidd, Keith David, Billy Murray and Lance Henriksen.
Here's the original variety article about it.

And here's the dev credits from Modern Warfare 2.

Note that Arem is credited under Voice Direction and Dialog Engineering.
Posted 12:46pm 04/12/09
Mmm... interesting to see the results no doubt but directing requires a lot more than some vocal coaching/directing skills not to mention the whole of MW2 was finely crafted over time by a number of people not just one singular "talent director" so forgive me for being a little skeptical.
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