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Post by trog @ 11:12am 02/12/09 | 15 Comments
Ubisoft have announced the first downloadable content batch for Assassin's Creed 2 - though it's really more of a confirmation of it's impending existence, as there's not a lot of information available yet:
The First DLC, entitled Battle of Forli launches in January and the second DLC, entitled Bonfire of the Vanities in February.

Players must own a disc copy of Assassins Creed II on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, have an Internet connection to download the additional content and a minimum of 1.0 GB of memory available for each DLC.
More information will be made available in late December. Stay tuned!

assassin's creed 2dlc

Latest Comments
Posted 02:12pm 02/12/09
... Already?
This shows two things: They planned to release it so quickly and that the game is extremely short.
Posted 02:44pm 02/12/09
Its definitely not short, I think I'm approaching the 30 hour mark and haven't finished it yet.
Posted 02:56pm 02/12/09
Maybe short compared to Dragon Age, but it's an epic compared to Modern Warfare 2.

Wish the DLC worked on expanding Rome beyond just the Vatican though, I found Forli to be the least interesting location in the game :/
Posted 03:31pm 02/12/09
I finished MW2 in 6.5 hrs on Normal, and believe me i tried to take my time and soak in the atmosphere but the game doesn't let up from the get go.

Assassins Creed 1 took me like 25 hours and only got 75% through it, but it was such a snore-fest.

Someone needs to find a balanced fun:length ratio, and fast.
Posted 04:14pm 02/12/09
This shows... that the game is extremely short.
The actual game shows otherwise.
Posted 05:18pm 02/12/09
This shows two things: They planned to release it so quickly and that the game is extremely short. "
Is it a requirement for first comment to be made by retarded people?
Ac2 is actually one of the longest games you can play that was made this year. It takes a minimum 20 hours to finish the story not including the side missions. The fact they are announcing DLC shows 2 things....the people that make this game care about their game plus they want more money from us
Posted 05:32pm 02/12/09
Yeah the game took me abit over 20 hours at 91% complettion, i was pretty happy with that,
then again im happy with any game that i get more then 8 hours out of.
Posted 10:38pm 02/12/09
PC version will be nice.
Posted 11:11pm 02/12/09
You know whats even nicer? The 360 version, which I can play right now while you sit here whinging.
Posted 11:12pm 02/12/09
Yeah it was good on the 360, one of the most enjoyable games I have played recently
Posted 10:35pm 03/12/09
... Already?
This shows two things: They planned to release it so quickly and that the game is extremely short.

No, if these DLC's have any meat about them then they were already well into dev maybe even finished when it was released.

But I'm still waiting for the PC release ffs.
Posted 10:49pm 03/12/09
would be great if the PC version came with the DLC
Posted 10:51pm 03/12/09
Theres two memory sequences missing from the game, so my guess is it was stuff they had to cut cos they ran out of time, and now they're going to release it as DLC.

Sounds good to me, I'm all for more Assassin's Creed 2, and if they're going to be a gig each then it sounds like they're pretty significant chunks of content.
Posted 10:59pm 03/12/09
Just finished it, wish it didn't end :(
Posted 03:44pm 04/12/09
Sell me your second hand copy and I can do a cash pick up all in 20's.
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