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Post by Dan @ 10:51am 02/12/09 | 25 Comments
CCP's latest expansion for Eve Online, Dominion launched today and you can now download both the full client (2.5GB) and incremental patch (500MB) locally from AusGamers.
EVEs Lead Game Designer, Noah Ward, explains the driving force behind Dominion. Our goal for EVE is to maximize human interaction and then leverage it to make a more meaningful, interesting game. Dominion was designed to give players more tools to mold their experience with better means of communication and extra rounds of ammunition. Undoubtedly, the compelling intrigue weve seen in EVE will never end as pilots fight to bend the universe to their will.

Sovereignty changes require fresh strategies for those interested in controlling space, doing away with the entrenched siege battles of the past in favor of more active conflict. Alliances will now have unprecedented control over their territory, the power to change them to suit their own goals and playstyles. Their actions in controlled space will affect the valuable resources which become available to them through system upgrades, allowing them to increase the number of wormholes, valuable asteroid belts and even pirate forces within their borders.
Click here for the official trailer or head over to for further details.

eve onlinedownload
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:10pm 02/12/09
Sweet, all patched up.
Posted 12:15pm 02/12/09
Eve downtime is so annoying :(
Posted 12:16pm 02/12/09
i would so play this if i had time for an mmo :(
Posted 12:34pm 02/12/09
Yeah downtime is a pain in the but. 21:00-21:30 usually. It's not that bad though. I usually only play after downtime anyway. Its probably more of a pain if you play before and after :)
Posted 02:51pm 02/12/09
I played Eve for a short time, and the downtime for me was really inconvenient.
Posted 04:32pm 02/12/09
I just started playing again a few days ago... I'm pretty terrible.
Posted 06:09pm 02/12/09
Yeah, in the short time I played, I never even bothered with PvP. I didn't want to lose my ship with what little money I had :(
Posted 08:33pm 02/12/09
I'm liking it!

I like the new flat interface. It's definitely snappier! The fleet management stuff is about f*****g time. As are the IGB changes. I like the way you can flag wrecks for people, and log fleet looting.

The planets are purty!!
Posted 12:29am 03/12/09
The new interface is nice (the flat look). Much more responsive. I find out in space is a bit resource intensive (kicked my puters arse). So I've turned the graphics down a bit.
Posted 01:41pm 07/12/09
Not sure its a PC killer, I have 3 clients running happily while watching videos, I only have 2gb RAM on a intel core 2 processor.

* The planets look spectacular!

* The new in game browsers is faster than chrome!

* New UI is neater

Now if only I could get into some juicy null sec after playing for well over a year... hmmm 1 day.
Posted 02:28pm 07/12/09
Now if only I could get into some juicy null sec after playing for well over a year... hmmm 1 day.
Just apply to a nullsec corp. My corp is always looking for members.
Posted 11:02am 20/12/09
Galactic Civilization inc
new amarr base corp
-wormhole exp
-mission running
-r&d -alliance ts server
contact renta
Posted 11:56am 20/12/09
Goonfleet will eat you all, sooner or later.
Posted 12:24pm 20/12/09
im in goonfleet, doesnt make the game any less s***, though.
Posted 12:32pm 20/12/09
Why does that no surprise me wog? :P
Posted 12:54pm 20/12/09
Posted 02:52pm 20/12/09
Goons...ignorant, inbred, homophobes the lot of them. Them and their useless pets.
Posted 11:19pm 20/12/09
Kenny? Heh, I stopped playing some months back, I'm half way curious to seeing if they've broken the game any further. I hear POS warfare is out?
Posted 11:36pm 20/12/09
alright im going to download the 14-day trial to try this out-

tips to get this game for free?
Posted 12:53am 21/12/09
Make lots of in game money and use it to pay your subscription? :p
Posted 09:23am 21/12/09
i started the 14 day trial, but it ran out before i really had a chance to play the game.. if i had some friends who played it i think i would have probably signed up.. i can say this the first 2 day i felt completely the guide is good but still i think need people to play with to really learn/enjoy it.
Posted 10:00am 21/12/09
Be ready to shoot rocks better than the Chinese can?
Posted 10:49am 21/12/09
i started the 14 day trial, but it ran out before i really had a chance to play the game..
Yeah, same for me when I originally started. Eventually I had friends playing and gave it a good shot. They were able to bring me up to speed much quicker than trying on my own. The game is overly complex for new players unfortunately. Hell...even for seasoned Eve players there are things that confuse them.
Posted 04:25pm 22/12/09
yeah tried it out for 45 minutes... deleted.
Posted 05:28pm 22/12/09
very steep learning curve game..

ive tried it a couple of times, but i just can't keep the motivation up
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