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Post by Dan @ 03:40pm 30/11/09 | 9 Comments
It's Monday again! Here's a few bits that came in while we were afk.
  • Super Street Fighter 4: Early last week three additional characters bound for the game were revealed via Japanese print mag scans and over the weekend Capcom released a new gameplay trailer showing them all in action. In addition to the already revealed T-Hawk, Dee Jay and Juri, the latest vid features new challengers Guy, Cody and Adon.

    Super Street Fighter IV is due for a standalone retail release at a budget price-point in Autumn 2010 (US Spring) for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • Mass Effect 2: Not to be forgotten amongst the holiday-game deluge and the well-received Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare's other much anticipated RPG is only a couple of months for release and EA have sent along a couple of new videos promoting it.

    The first video takes a look at the adept character class, including some great combat gameplay that demonstrates a few special abilities.

    Next up is this character spotlight on Tali, the softly-spoken masked alien who was an integral part of your crew in the first game, back again for more action.

    Mass Effect 2 is due on January 29 2010 for PC and Xbox 360.

  • Deus Ex 3: This big-name title that we haven't heard much about for a while made headlines again recently as rumours circulated that it was going to be PC only - a prospect that no doubt would excite many a PC gamer, particular those let-down by the newbie-friendliness of Deux Ex 2.

    Eidos Montreal have been quick to dispell that rumour however, confirming in a post on their official forums that "Only the PC version has been announced so far." and "I dunno where that website is getting its info from!", leaving us to assume the likelihood of more platforms to be confirmed later.

mass effect 2super street fighter 4trailerdeus ex 3
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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:06pm 30/11/09
Why is Cody wearing convict gear? Awesome to see Guy back though... they really need to revisit the Final Fight series
Posted 04:10pm 30/11/09
Argh can't stand cody.

What kind of sorry excuse of a character is that?

Cody, care to answer that question? punk?

Posted 05:28pm 30/11/09
Why is Cody wearing convict gear?

This is the question I asked in the other Streetfighter thread, and nobody could answer me! There seems to be this idea that the convict gear is his original look, but I want my Final Fight Cody damnit!

Wheres that white muscle shirt and blue jeans that I used to beat down the Mad Gears back in the day. Final Fight Cody better be in the game as an unlockable costume or something, or me and Capcom are gonna have words.
Posted 05:45pm 30/11/09
Cody busted out of prison.
Posted 05:50pm 30/11/09
you guys and your dress up games, jeebus
Posted 12:08am 01/12/09
In his initial appearances, from Final Fight up to Street Fighter Alpha 3, he wore hand wraps, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he appeared in a blue and white striped prison uniform with handcuffs alongside the aforementioned hand wraps and tennis shoes (though, oddly, he appears to be wearing the handcuffs by choice as he can freely remove them at will when he taunts). In Final Fight: Streetwise, Cody wears his classic original outfit, but with an orange prison shirt over the t-shirt.

100% not gay.

last edited by greazy at 00:08:13 01/Dec/09
Posted 12:27am 01/12/09
Posted 08:42am 01/12/09
But why is he in prison, what did Cody ever do wrong :( He helped saved Mayor Haggar's daughter from the Mad Gears!
Posted 10:02am 01/12/09
Maybe he is in there undercover to infiltrate the mob?
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