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Post by Dan @ 11:06am 30/11/09 | 16 Comments
Steam's holiday sale promotion continues with a new line-up of one-day-only heavily discounted titles. Here's the current batch.
Here are Sunday's discounts - you have 24 hours to take advantage of these deals before Monday's games roll in at 8:00 AM PST.

World of Goo - 75% off
EVE Online: Apocrypha - 75% off
Lucidity - 75% off
Battlefield 2: Complete Collection - 50% off
Prince of Persia and everything else Prince of Persia - 50% off
Guild Wars Trilogy - 50% off
Trackmania United Forever - 50% off
The Lucasarts and THQ packs are also pretty awesome value for the duration of the Steam Early Holiday Promotion, check out for the full details.

steambattlefield 2eve onlineprince of persia
Buy now from SteamEU Only EUR€19.99!
(compare all prices)

Latest Comments
Posted 02:03pm 30/11/09
Those are freakin' good deals; can't wait to see what's on offer in the next few days (crossing fingers for L4D2, but not expecting it)
Posted 02:04pm 30/11/09
l4d2 was on sale like 2 days ago.
Posted 02:17pm 30/11/09
It was 25% off on saturday/sunday.
Posted 02:28pm 30/11/09
yeah missed the l4d2 boat trog P
Posted 03:25pm 30/11/09
So ... I posted this in the original thread and it wasn't good enough oO
And you posted what 2 out of the 4 so far days of this sale ? lovely and consistent.

Time to make another document about spending $500 + ages making it work, doing what an off the shelf $170 product can do...

Posted 03:28pm 30/11/09
Hey Obes, have you seen Top Gun? There's this scene where the guys are playing volleyball on the beach (if you've seen Top Gun I'm sure you know it well). There's this bit in that scene where Goose and Maverick are talking because Mav has to go and hang out with his girl, and in the background you can hear Slider or Iceman (my money'd be on Slider, because he's the character!!) yell out "MOTHER GOOSE YOU PUSSYYYYYYYYYYY". Haha it's hilarious.

Anyway, replace "Mother Goose" with "Obes" and that's what I was thinking reading your post!!!
yeah missed the l4d2 boat trog P
dang! 25% wouldn't have been enough for me anyway; I'm gonna wait for the 50% mark. Probably a while away.
Posted 03:38pm 30/11/09
trog, it reminds me of when you criticize person 1 working on product A, because person 2 works on that awful product B and that has clearly affected person 1's work on product A.
Posted 04:04pm 30/11/09
Prince of Persia is pretty awesome, I'd recommend it if you haven't played it before.

I bought Lucidity this morning. Never heard of it before, but it looks like it has a nice art-style, and I'm not going to be too upset if it's no good, I can spare the $2.50 USD.
Posted 04:40pm 30/11/09
I'm hoping for another "holy crap, it's $us2.49? buy buy buy!" moment like what I had with Knights of the Old Republic on Saturday (never owned the PC version.. yet own #2. go figure). No doubt we'll just get Half-Life & friends for the last day of the sale..
Posted 05:23pm 30/11/09
I was hoping for Torchlight, even though its already pretty cheap at $20 and I was going to buy it eventually anyway, it'd be nice to get it even cheaper :P
Posted 07:33pm 30/11/09
Yeah, I'm really hoping that there's something incredibly awesome on sale tomorrow. I've bought at least one game each day so far, hopefully tomorrow will be tops.
Posted 07:57pm 30/11/09
nothing has interested me yet so hoping theres something good tomorrow.
Posted 08:45am 01/12/09
Hrmm, its not really a spectacular day, but I guess I'll pick up Ridd*** for $10, and even though its a bit old now, Evil Genius for $2.50 is a pretty nice deal.

The sale seemed to peak in the first day or two :(
Posted 08:47am 01/12/09
still nothing worth getting QQ

mirror's edge is def worth getting at $4.99 but i already have it.
Posted 08:58am 01/12/09
I guess I'll have a go at Evil Genius. Can't go wrong at two fiddy.
Posted 10:53am 01/12/09
Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. Ridd*** for $10 isn't bad, so I'll get that I guess.
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