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Post by Dan @ 03:23pm 24/11/09 | 14 Comments
Having only recently released the first screenshots of their upcoming game Natural Selection 2, the devs from Unknown Worlds have today announced that they're releasing the game's editor to all pre-order customers.

This is a great show of support to the loyal community and a sign of good things to come, particularly as games like Modern Warfare 2 move away from user-created content. As the follow-up to the 2002 Natural Selection Half-life modification it's a game that obviously wouldn't even exist if not for mod support.
This is a tool we've designed and built from the ground up, melding some of the tried-and-true concepts from level building tools, with some new features we're really excited about.

This is a pre-alpha release of the editor, which means we still have lots of features to add and bugs to fix. Releasing something that is in this stage of development is pretty daunting especially when we know it will be compared to more mature tools that have had many man-years of development but we expect that most of you would rather get an early build than wait for something perfect. So much for "when it's done!"
Natural Selection 2 is still poised for a 2010 release, exclusive to PC at this stage. Head over to the official site to get your pre-order on.

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Posted 03:28pm 24/11/09
Most of the maps for NS1 were made by the community no?
Posted 03:40pm 24/11/09
This on steam? If not I probably wont get it till it gets a steam release.
Posted 03:48pm 24/11/09
They were considering a Steam release of the game once it's finished but I don't think any of the alpha/beta stuff will make it onto there.
Posted 03:51pm 24/11/09
Yeah it will probably pop up on steam closer to release (whenever that is). Hopefully Q1 2010.
Posted 03:57pm 24/11/09
This on steam? If not I probably wont get it till it gets a steam release.


If I pre-order NS2, can I play on Steam?
There's a good chance of this, but we can't promise it yet. Once NS2 is officially on Steam and Steamworks, Valve will probably be able to make this happen. But that will be determined later. For now, we can't promise that pre-ordering NS2 will let you play on Steam.
Posted 04:54pm 24/11/09
Holy s*** when i read the thread title my heart actually skiped a beat or spazmed... its like i had a sudden rush of adrenalin or something.

Probably the only game that comes close the amount of enjoyment that Natrural Selection 1 gave me when you could view the list of servers have have about 1000 servers just in Australia (the good days) would be Team Fortress 1 (On quake1 engine) and perhaps ... maybe... world of warcraft.
Posted 06:32pm 24/11/09
Nice, I'll probably wait for an announcement about Steam though.
Posted 06:50pm 24/11/09
Downloading the editor now :-D Danging for this game!
Posted 07:06pm 24/11/09
This might be the game that forces me to get a decent PC for gaming again.
Posted 07:15pm 24/11/09
While it looks fairly awesome considering they are a team of four or so people. They have said the game will be very scalable and you can play the game on a s***box.

Probs be a good time to upgrade next year for ns and starcraft 2. I'd like to play on high settings :)

Apparently they will be buying the best community made maps and chucking it in the final release.
Posted 07:49pm 24/11/09
shame there is only those two screenshots from what ive seen :(
Posted 08:17pm 24/11/09
so many good times playing ns... so many..
Posted 08:33pm 24/11/09
sniping with the lurker's spike throw...

leeping from wall to wall to headbit to wall as the skulk...

healing a hive from 1% with 4-5marines all owning it with hmg's with 3 other gorges and getting it back upto 25% while your team finishes off the marines...

leeping around as the fade and blocking damage for my gorgy to heal the hive...

spamming so many rockets as the fade and regening my health that i didnt die once in a game but managed to take down a bazzilion heavies...

charging as the onos, running into a camped marine base... jumping their lectrified turrent factoriy in one leap owning 3-4 marines and charging out just as my energy runs out and clearing the blocking armery ... omg pro

managing to hide as a gorge in a secret place on the map conceled by only a cloaking thingo and waiting for that last 10 energy to regen and sneekily getting the hive up, having it build JUST in time as the marines come in with their jetpacks and have my skulks that are spawning own them only to come back and win the game... F** YEAH

oh man and thats only the alien good times ;) the marines had f**tones aswell!!!

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Posted 10:16pm 24/11/09
Preordered as soon as i could, only reason was the gg's from ns1 back in the day.

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