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Post by trog @ 04:13pm 23/11/09 | 6 Comments
Believe it or not, the Warcraft universe has turned 15 years old - soon it'll be able to drink and go to war to die for our country (but not buy a potentially violent video game). At the same time, World of Warcraft has turned five - it seems like it was only yesterday that everyone was lining up to get in a server to play in the beta.

As part of the festivities surrounding this milestone date for one of the most important brands in gaming history, Blizzard have hooked us up with all the cinematic introduction movies from every Warcraft title - and we've spliced them all together to show the evolution of the games. Download it now and watch at your leisure, or simply click below to start the show.

And stay tuned for more - we have an exclusive interview with Director of Production on World of Warcraft, J. Allen Brack - coming soon.

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Posted 06:43pm 23/11/09
You are incorrect. the warcraft universe is actually an american citisen so it can't go to war or buy a drink and it can buy a violent game.
Posted 06:51pm 23/11/09
Cool beans
Posted 06:52pm 23/11/09
that first one was some serious old skool.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:17pm 23/11/09
That was cool seeing the old intro's again although my fav is vanilla WoW intro. The music is f*****g awesome! Lich King one is good too especially the visuals. Music not so much.
Posted 11:41pm 23/11/09
<3 warcraft 2 music

I reckon some of blizzards best work was the diablo 2 cut scenes.
Posted 11:59pm 23/11/09
<3 warcraft 2 music
I still have the CD, sometimes i put it in the car, skip to track two and listen for the next hour, including the final track's noise before the "hidden" welcome to the world of warcraft song.

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