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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:53pm 23/11/09 | 3 Comments
Another week gone, and another week of gaming destined for the annals of history. Like it or hate it, Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 has shaken the gaming world, and invited the mainstream to take yet another peak inside our beloved industry. With blockbuster release results that put it clearly ahead of all other media, there's no denying its station in gaming history, and will (hopefully) go on to help raise awareness of games as more than just a nerdy pastime - gaming is serious business now and it's high-time it be given the respect it deserves (ergo gamers be given the respect they deserve).

Of course on the other end of the spectrum comes one of the biggest slaps to the face gamers have ever received, in the release of the sundered Left 4 Dead 2 here in Australia - on the one hand we have a huge up, and on the other... well we just have no hand.

In the Headlines
Microsoft released their Facebook, Twitter and Zune update for Xbox 360, a patch was released for Borderlands PC, a PC demo for James Cameron's Avatar >became available, Pandemic Studios called it a day, Modern Warfare 2 broke records, a demo for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising released, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days was announced, PC hardware consumer gain will rapidly increase in 2010 and a release window for Supreme Commander 2 was revealed.

Videos We Highly RecommendOn the editorial front we had a very busy week with a host of reviews as well as an extensive "Dedicated Server Guide" for developers. Check out these reviews:As you can see, it was a busy week here at AusGamers, but there's no rest for the wicked(ly awesome), and so stick with us throughout the week for even more of the above as we steadily countdown to the end of the year that was 2009.

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Posted 03:24pm 23/11/09
Nice post.

I'm so deep into Tekken 6's combat system i'm beginining to lose my mind.

Hadaucken? what's that?
Posted 04:10pm 23/11/09
What happened to all the witty comments? Even if some weren't as good as others i still giggled here and there

Edit: i'm confusing posts with the weekly release wrap up :O
Posted 06:57pm 23/11/09
they were pretty crap, some were even incorrect and others raped children.

best just to forget
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