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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:41am 20/11/09 | 11 Comments
We had some interesting analytical data come across the AusGamers desk today, with projections the PC market would grow some 30% in 2010, taking its hardware market spend from $20.07 billion in 2008 to a projected $27 billion by the end of 2010, according to John Peddie Research.

The massive leap in growth is due to videogames, according to the report, which looks at the advent of Windows 7 and DirectX 11, among other things, as driving factors behind 2010 being the PC's year to shine. It's also highly regarded PC hardware spending slowed in 2008/2009 thanks to the world financial crisis - a factor JPR seem to think won't affect hardware spending in 2010.
"The PC gaming market continues to be the high growth, and technological leader for home entertainment. With Windows 7 and DirectX 11, advanced and exciting physics, and stereovision capabilities, the PC platform is far and away the most advanced," noted Jon Peddie President of Jon Peddie Research. "And, the PC has the added advantage that when not used for gaming, it can be used for more practical purposes, and/or as a media centre."
At this stage we have no comparative data alongside consoles, but we're currently looking into it. It's good to know there's some serious growth projected for the PC market though.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:59am 20/11/09
So when will Nvidia bring out their DirectX 11 video cards?
Posted 01:24pm 20/11/09
I think the Fermi DX11 cards are coming out January/Feb 2010....

I dont think there is much "Growth" in the console market... sure many millions purchase them but there is no money to be made from upgrades and future technology.

Once you buy a console thats it, you just pay for the hugely expensive games.

Posted 01:32pm 20/11/09
^^ Thats when they release the next console.

But yeah, the vast majority of cash is made from the sale of games.
Posted 01:52pm 20/11/09
can we have a picture of your desk steve?

have you narrowed down on GOTY yet? it's getting close to the end...
Posted 01:55pm 20/11/09
The Vast? The only.

Wasn't the Wii (from the latest 3 releases) the only console that wasn't selling at a loss?
Posted 02:08pm 20/11/09
At release all consoles except the Wii were sold at a loss.

But over time as their manufacturing gets cheaper they get to a stage where they actually make money on the console.
Posted 02:10pm 20/11/09
Meanwhile Transmission Games (IR Gurus) and Pandemic Studios both go into receivership...
Posted 12:19pm 21/11/09
GOTY would have to go somewhere like MW2, DA:O, or Borderlands? id say MW2 would nab it tho because of the huge success it has had.
Posted 01:35pm 21/11/09
I think the Fermi DX11 cards are coming out January/Feb 2010....
Well so far it's supposedly March, but rumours state that it's closer to May.

Posted 06:48pm 21/11/09
^ :(

Want to see what they (nVidia) do to counter ATI's 5970's
Posted 07:01pm 21/11/09
A press release saying how great fermi is and it will be here real soon so dont buy an ati.
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