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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:44pm 17/11/09 | 10 Comments
Still playing catch-up in the review department, we just finished up with Tekken 6 here amidst everything else piling up on the desk but had to put together a verdict for fighting game fans everywhere, especially since the series has now leapt across to the Xbox 360 as well as Sony's PS3 and PSP (and the arcade).

With 40 new characters, solid fighting mechanics, just enough progression to keep it mildly fresh yet familiar along with said leap to newer platforms the Tekken series has leapt from the shadows with its sixth instalment in successful fashion. It may not be as flashy as Street Fighter IV, but among the 3D fighting games, Tekken 6 proves which series is king.

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tekken 6review
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:56pm 17/11/09
7.8 is fairly low but better than those tools on the good game show that gave it like a 6 or something. Tekken 5 was sic (9+ easy for me), I can't imagine Tekken 6 not being even better.
Posted 02:10pm 17/11/09
Hey, that reminds me, I still have this Tekken shirt lying around. If someone wants it, PM me, first in gets it.

Posted 02:24pm 17/11/09
i want!
Posted 02:33pm 17/11/09
I still swear that says c*** in Japanese.
Posted 02:45pm 17/11/09
that was my first question in the PM :)
Posted 03:08pm 17/11/09
Looks ok on Xbox, but without AA it's kinda pointless. I prefer playing Tekken with a Playstaion controller.
Posted 03:22pm 17/11/09
Wow someone really likes Bob. He's very much a rip off Rufus from SFIV. The other thing which felt similar to SFIV is the 'Rage Meter' which is called "Ultra Combo" in SFIV. This racks up when you receive damage, effectively working the same way as the rage meter in Tekken 6, except Rage automatically kicks in when you're very low on health. Either way, it's a nice inclusion to encourage newcomers to the series and provide a challenge for the more hardcore.

While the character customisation is neat, being forced to play through campaign mode to buy/unlock items can be such a drag. It feels rushed, unfinished and the camera angles are just awful. Otherwise everything else is top notch and with a cast of 40 characters to master it's a tonne of replay value, for me personally anyway.

p.s. If the Tekken shirt falls through i want it :(

last edited by MatchFixa at 15:22:15 17/Nov/09
Posted 10:38pm 17/11/09
Tekken 6? Tekken has felt rehashed to me ever since Tekken 3. Seems funny to compare Tekken to street fighter. I usually see Tekken VS Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter vs King of Fighters.

I also don't get why they (Capcom/Namco) include the fat characters. It's usually Cool/Slick guys, Warrior looking guys, sexy chicks and goofy guys (ie Dan from Street Fighter). Why does anyone want to play as a fat dude? Might as well put a cripple, wheelchair dude or Siamese twin in there
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:30pm 19/11/09
cripple fight!
Posted 03:47pm 19/11/09
I think that t-shirt says 'virtua fighter has always been best'
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