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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:36pm 16/11/09 | 8 Comments
JRPG/Final Fantasy fans are likely chomping at the bit to know when the next instalment will be landing, and today Square-Enix delivered that information in the form of a trailer, designed to introduce you to the team behind FF XIII, with some information about what's new (such as this being the first title presented in HD), as well as pimping out a new song by some artist I've never heard of before.

There's also new in-game footage, but clearly the big news here is the European/North American/Australian release date, which will see the game landing on the 9th of March, 2010.

Check out the video here.

final fantasy xiiirelease date

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Posted 12:42pm 16/11/09
My bet is the euro/na date will be the aussie date too... if not it will be imported pretty promptly.

Ill be on paternity leave when it gets released... AWESOME!
Lets see how long baby will cry for whilst i watch cut scenes.
Posted 12:42pm 16/11/09
The Japan release will also come with a lottery of sorts. Beta keys for FFXIV (The next MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series) will be an added bonus to those lucky enough to find one with thier FFXIII purchase.

I'm glad that it's only ~3.5 month wait from the JPN release to one of our own, normally it's 6+ at least. Looking forward to it.
Posted 12:54pm 16/11/09
Groganus: Steve mentioned it off-hand in the OP, but that is the confirmed Australian release date too.
Posted 12:54pm 16/11/09
It looks as if Squenix decided to get a headstart on the translation/dubbing project not long after they started working on the game. Wonder if it's anything specific (like say an attempt to reduce the number of parallel imports of the game) or just a nice change from the 9-12mth delay we're used to getting..
Posted 01:13pm 16/11/09
"Final Fantasy completely re-events itself with each re-instalment"
haha yeah right, lets checkout the characters:

The character list is amazingly cliche:
Lightning - the most powerful women EVA (in da series)!
Snow - hot blooded male hero!
Vanille - a vulnerable girl
Hope - an emo

FF is the Metal Gear of the RPG world. Except metal gear is awesome.

I'd play this game if it were action adventure, only to explore the lands because they do look fantastic.
Posted 01:19pm 16/11/09
"Final Fantasy completely re-events itself with each re-instalment"
haha yeah right, lets checkout the characters:
I think it was meant to mean as in, Final Fantasy is always a new story, new environment etc.
It's not a 13 series long one-off story, where no story has continuations or sequels, except for Final Fantasy X, in which they made X-2.
Posted 01:22pm 16/11/09
Yeah. I hate it how they do that.

I mean, it's not like any other game in a series does it. Look at how different Fifa 09 and Fifa 10 are, completly different games.

It's a different story, battle system, world and adventure. They also have reoccuring characters (Cid, Biggs/Wedge, Chocobo's, Mangus Sisters) that doesn't mean they dont change it up so it's different.
Posted 03:31pm 16/11/09
Final Fantasy: Characters with progressively more ridiculous names.
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