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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:33pm 12/11/09 | 17 Comments
Microsoft have shot through some details for the next big (and great) Xbox 360 peripheral, which is a far more powerful wireless adaptor called N Network.
Jump into "Halo 3: ODST" or "Forza Motorsport 3" and enjoy network gaming and multiplayer, stream Xbox Movies on Demand or put your media center to the test by streaming your favourite HD movies and videos with the Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adaptor. This dual-band adaptor synchronises your Xbox 360 with the newest wireless N standard, allowing up to two times the range and a speed seven times faster than before.

The Wireless N Networking Adaptor provides increased speed, coverage and reliability, and features a high-performance design with two external antennas that work great with 802.11a/b/g and N connections. Simply snap the adaptor on to the back of your console and enjoy wireless connectivity in multiple rooms or congested wireless environments and connect safely with WPA2 security support.
The adaptor is due to release on November 26 across the country and will retail for a SRP of AU$149.95.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:40pm 12/11/09
perhaps they will finally drop the standard one from its ridiculously stupid overpriced bulls*** that it is..

but probably not
Posted 02:51pm 12/11/09
I don't mean to hate on your article Steve but this isn't really news worthy, they're bolting something that has been around for years onto something else that has also been around for years

they're so far behind the 8 ball its not even funny
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:01pm 12/11/09
it's news for those of us still connecting via ethernet looking to move to wireless as this adaptor is much better than the s***** one they have out at the moment
Posted 03:08pm 12/11/09
wouldn't people who had that requirement have filled it a while back now?
I mean surely theres a point at which the majority of the target audience who will ever buy a 360, already have one

and most of those people would have just done what I've done, either use the 802.11g dongle or put an AP on top of the 360 with ethernet to the AP, AP <-> connect to existing wireless

Posted 03:12pm 12/11/09
teq: I don't think it's any secret that there are much better and cheaper ways to achieve the same end. IMO this is just a quick and compact accessory for people that either don't know better or just don't really care that they're getting completely reamed just for the sake of having an officially supported and badged xbox product.

I would never have bought the original wifi adapter either (nor the one for the original xbox because it was always cheaper just to buy a wireless ethernet bridge) but I know plenty of people that did.
Posted 03:12pm 12/11/09
Those creative guys over at Sony have had wireless built in since the release day. What awesome fellas they must be.

Expect to pay 100 bucks for this to go with the 150 dollar 5gig HDD.
Posted 03:35pm 12/11/09
Expect to pay 100 bucks for this to go with the 150 dollar easily removable and upgradeable 20gig HDD.

Posted 03:37pm 12/11/09
paging hashy, I don't see this great peripheral available to the PC?
Posted 03:42pm 12/11/09
I have a 360 d0|\/|1n0, I just don't use it to play shooters available on the PC.

Also I wouldn't pay for Microsoft's overpriced peripherals in a million years. Litearlly the joke of the industry.
Those creative guys over at Sony have had wireless built in since the release day. What awesome fellas they must be.
Ah yes, my low quality, unreliable, non-upgradable wireless G card, built into my $900 @ launch pstriple, absolutely free. Take that microsloth. Just gunna go play the worst version of every multiplatform game on it right now.
Posted 03:47pm 12/11/09
i just hook my ds up to my 360 and use its wireless to play on live. works like a charm.
Posted 03:52pm 12/11/09
Aye, I use a $38 wireless router. If their wireless adapter was reasonable priced, around $50, I would have got it.

I expect a similar thing will happen with wireless N when I get around to it.

Posted 05:17pm 12/11/09
10000th post come and gone ^
Posted 05:18pm 12/11/09
Man, edit that s*** and pop some b****** and blow in there Toll!
Posted 05:31pm 12/11/09
Also while Wireless draft N has been out forever, its only just started hitting the market for home users as a common thing over the past 12 months.
Posted 05:36pm 12/11/09

I didn't even relise.
Posted 06:06pm 12/11/09
This sucks. You know why, cause I only just bought their old wifi adapter two weeks ago. I must say though, its a great product. Compared to my old wifi bridge, this thing is super quick and reliable.
Posted 01:34pm 13/11/09
As much as its a useful piece of hardware it still an over priced piece of s***.

I paid $70 for a second hand a while back. Very hassle free but screw paying $170 or whatever the hell they were charging for it at the time. Wireless capability should have been straight out of the box. The Wii has it, why can't M$ have it ffs.

Typical M$ B$
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