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Post by trog @ 04:09pm 07/11/09 | 37 Comments
A demo of Torchlight has been released, offering a glimpse at the action in this newly released Diablo-esque game which is currently generating quite a bit of buzz at the moment. The demo is actually just a time-limited version of the full game; it will give you a two-hour taste and then if you get addicted you can just buy a product key which will unlock the full version. A snippet of the story:
The adventure is set in the mining settlement of Torchlight, a boomtown founded on the discovery of rich veins of Ember a rare and mysterious ore with the power to enchant or corrupt all that it contacts. This corruptive power may have dire consequences however, and players set out into the nearby mountains and depths below to discover the full extent of Embers influence on the civilizations that have come before.
You can download the demo now locally from AusGamers. Don't forget to check out our review for some more information on the full game!


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Posted 06:40pm 07/11/09
I have to say I have been impressed with this game.

So far my only flaw would be ...
absolutely no multiplayer of any sort.
Posted 06:52pm 07/11/09
fun game.
they've taken all the good things from point and click rpg's and added in lots of other things to make the whole experience easy and playable.

simple things like automatically picking up gold as you walk over it to sending your pet to town make it more accessible for having a quick bash and still actually progressing.

there is almost no learning curve and no f*****g about to make the full scope of the game accessible from the get go. ie no unlocking features or npc's. this fits perfectly to the low cost, long playability direction the game is aiming at.

very user friendly and lots of fun.
killing 20 enemies in one hit with ridiculous lighting and sound effects flying around is a blast.
Posted 06:53pm 07/11/09
absolutely no multiplayer of any sort.
That's the rub hey, these games thrive on multiplayer.

My understanding of the situation though, is that they just wanted to get _something_ released before tackling a full multiplayer title, the intention being to follow this one up with an instanced "mmo" style game built on the Torchlight assets with an all new storyline. Torchlight developement aparantly only commenced last August, so just over a year of dev time.

It makes sense when you think about it as building up reputation and capital for the new company.

As a bit of a side-rant, I'm really disliking the trend of referring to instanced style games as MMO. Like Helgate London and Huxley as examples, they think that just because their lobbies are interactive 3D areas in-engine that they can be referred to as MMO - when you can't actually have more than about a dozen in the one combat arena. Battlefield 2 is more "massively multiplayer" than that.

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Posted 06:56pm 07/11/09
It makes perfect sense (I was actually talking to dalton on vent about that same thing). And yeah I dislike the fake mmo description.

Guildwars is not an mmo, for instance.

Any you know what ? not being an mmo can be a good thing. It's almost like a bunch of stupid stupid marketing people have got in their heads that WoW makes money therefor we must all follow it (or pretend to).
Posted 07:03pm 07/11/09
download not working for me cant contact syd5

e: never mind getting on port 80 it was just my isa

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Posted 12:15pm 08/11/09
Downloaded the demo from above link.

Installed fine.

Played the demo untill time ran out - had me wanting more as i had just got my first 2-3 spells that i really wanted. Talents allow you to 'multispec' ... the talents dont work like wow and they have an interesting system where you can spent talent points on spells you buy or find... which upgrades them to scale them as you level if you so choose, very cool.

Clicked the 'buy now' button after the timelimit ran out... entered my details... got a serial... entered that... playing the full version now...

Amazing storyline. DOnt beleive anything that people are sprouting on about this being a kiddies biablo, it gets very sinister as you progress and the combos of spells and talent abilities along with enchants, sockets and being able to take your sockets out of your items after your replce them is amazing and is no where near as boring as diablo. You dont have to spam click you can hold down the mouse button, you have a full ability bar like wow that you can customise as well as the keys your use (im using 1-5 and qwerasd).

I also love how they let you put your items on youe dog and send it back to town and the dog sells it all for you and returns to you some time later... this allows for you to keep playing while your dog / cat does all the hard work.

Amazing game. Well worth the $21au i paid.

Still playing to finish it now..
Posted 02:15pm 08/11/09
Hhaha ai love this game... your dog/cat can use 2 spells and can hold 2 rings and 1 amulet...

so of course my dog now gives me +30% chance to find treasure (already found 1 epic!) and has a group heal and a summon 4 skeliton archers...

so the lgend of a mut runs in... puts up 4 archers... mauls the bosses face .... then spams aoe heals on me ... then helps me find awsome loot...

f***** genious idea...

the camera and clipping is flawless, havent had it stuff up once... only thing ive had is my dog and this dude i was escorting get stuck when i walked away but they respawned next to me a few seconds later... was awsome...
Posted 02:49pm 08/11/09
Amazing storyline.

Joking, right? I mean its a fairly entertaining game, but the storyline is basically non-existent.
Posted 03:07pm 08/11/09
It's good and the best part is it runs well at full settings on my four year old machine. Can't get over how similar even the music is to Diablo though :]
Posted 03:10pm 08/11/09
Yeah the music is really, really, really Diablo-esque. One particular loop sounds like the first few seconds of the music from the Diablo 2 intro screen.

The warrior class is pretty good. The other two aren't as fun though - once you get the Exploding shot (archer) or Ember lance (mage), you can just faceroll through the game.
Posted 03:36pm 08/11/09
the town track is d2 tristram redone pretty much
it's the same author
Posted 04:20pm 08/11/09
Posted 05:27pm 08/11/09
Yeah the music is really, really, really Diablo-esque. One particular loop sounds like the first few seconds of the music from the Diablo 2 intro screen
I thought it was by the same composer..
Posted 05:28pm 08/11/09
Posts: 10716 Location: Brisbane, Queensland the town track is d2 tristram redone pretty much
it's the same author
Oh right i should read the whole thread before posting.

also edit doesn't work..
Posted 05:31pm 08/11/09
who the f*** is dalton obes?
you keep talking about him like hes someone we should know
Posted 05:39pm 08/11/09
What noob doesn't know who Dalton is.
Posted 05:54pm 08/11/09
Real QGL'r know who Dalton is.
You aint nobody if you dont.

And yeah, very Diablo'ish. Looks more like a game I could be playing on my iphone than on my PC.

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Posted 06:10pm 08/11/09
If it wasnt so cartoony i would have snapped it up after 11pm.
Posted 06:38pm 08/11/09
i think this game is brilliant because personally i thought the atmosphere of diablo 1 was better than 2 which is what this tries to emulate quite well

it would be a little more dank and dark but i'm just about to go down below the mine so we'll see how it goes.

a little bit less cartoon i agree with, but not enough to really affect my opinion or level of fun

will be buying the full version.
Posted 09:27pm 08/11/09
Dalton is the cage fighting alter ego of keato ...
Posted 09:40pm 08/11/09
I am having so much fun with Torchlight. Level 12 Beserking Warrior. The game seems so polished so far *touch wood*. Only thing i dont like is the no tome of TP ans bulk identifying.
Posted 09:47pm 08/11/09
man i'm level 32... beat the main bos ordok... but aparently just googled it and the level cap is 100 .. holy s***balls... i think the story has ended though... and aparently there are 'infiniate dungeons' ... no idea how they did that but damn thats cool.

Love the mini bosses and the talents and the 3 availiable calsses. Just looked and there is a bazzzzzzilion mods out for this baby...

I was hoping to knock this over in one night. Oh well level 32/100 is pretty good for one days work. Shame the story has ended... its just dunegon crawling from here on out :) (I think?)
Posted 09:49pm 08/11/09
tome of tp? as in teleport? (that cant be waht you mean, because there is a scroll of town portal...)


thats a nice mod too btw...

i also rolled a berserking warrior with 10/10 xpgain, 10/10 crit, 10/10 duel wield and all the aoe moves+charge. It's greeeeat.

Give your dog 2x aoe heals.... and he will keep you up longtime.

Reverend Evil
Posted 09:02am 09/11/09
The game looks lush as hell. Really impressed with the nice visuals. My only gripe is I wish I could use the arrow keys to move the guy around and keep the mouse buttons for attacks. Apart from that it's an awesome game. The pet is a nice touch as well.
Posted 10:46am 11/11/09
yer, on the strength of this thread, ive grabbed this game and had a quick bash this morning;

looks great, i loved the simple interface to make a start, was having a great time smashing through a dungeon almost immediately;

hope it can continue to deliver!
Posted 10:51am 11/11/09
i cant play without multiplayer. i think its too similar to diablo2 but without that last little touch.
Posted 10:55am 11/11/09
yer, i prefer no multiplayer, so its win for me
Posted 11:03am 11/11/09
lolz who doesn't want multiplayer, srsly

though i don't mind single player for these kinds of games

i will save my multiplayer dollars for diablo 3

I was hoping to knock this over in one night. Oh well level 32/100 is pretty good for one days work

sounds like you need to get a life
Posted 11:13am 11/11/09
no time for multiplayer pave

all my multiplayer time goes into stuff i can play quickly like tf2
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:17am 11/11/09
You should try Dragon Age Spook. Same type of thing on a bigger scale and is single player. Plus it has camel toe in it.
Posted 11:19am 11/11/09
yup, i hear ya rev!

i was weighing up betwen the two, but decided to give torchlight the go ahead;

dragon age mite well come next!
Posted 11:28am 11/11/09
you were just saying in the mw2 thread how you don't play multiplayer so you didn't care about the servers etc

multiplayer would be the only reason to fork out cash for mw2

also how is there any difference in the amount of time required for multiplayer and single player? apart from games like WOW obviously doesn't have single player to compared with but it requires enormous amounts of time as a multiplayer game
Posted 11:32am 11/11/09
i was weighing up betwen the two
Why wouldn't you get both you cheap bastard :P i paid $22.50 aud for torchlight, its pennies compared to other games and already community mods are coming out for it.

I just hope someone mods a multiplayer because i fear by the time their "mmo" comes out diablo 3 will be.
Posted 11:32am 11/11/09
coz i need to sync up my gaming time to play with my mates:

i only get snatches of time here and there where im not doing other stuff, so its too hard to sync up;

i work on spastic old man hours, where i go to bed super early and get up super early
Posted 12:09pm 11/11/09
oh right, i was refering to just playing with randoms like you would with tf2, cod etc

Posted 06:05pm 16/11/09
yer, so playing this more and loving it:

i can see exactly what its doing and how its trapping me;

giving me sooo many trinkets and making me so powerful, im getting off on my own awesomeness;

although, im not quite ready for this just yet!
Posted 06:12pm 16/11/09
Pretty cool game

1.) The voice who says "A trap has been sprung" sounds like the voice from Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2

2.) Love the automaticly picking up gold part. Take note D3

3.) Graphics are pretty WoWish but work rather well for such a small sized game
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