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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:35pm 06/11/09 | 6 Comments
Under the instruction of the great Grandmaster Flash, AusGamers has been spinning decks to some pretty amazing music and mixes in Activision's latest rhythm game entrant, DJ Hero.

Offering up all exclusive mixes with an easy-to-master peripheral, DJ Hero presents itself as a great party game for the lounge, but unfortunately falls short in a few key areas that could have made it a real force to be reckoned with. If you dabble in any form of music that requires mixing and decks, you might want to hear our full verdict.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:54pm 06/11/09
bought it... played it for about 2 hours then switched it off. IF there was functionality to mix the dj in with the entire band it would have kicked ass. even sacrifice someone on bass to allow the dj in (because how many people srsly like playing bass in gh games) throw in some linkin park/limp bizkit style music and you could have a field day with it.

but nop... so much potential wasted.. its reboxed and waiting to be ebayed.
Posted 06:40pm 06/11/09
brother grabbed this - I personally couldn't be bothered paying for it when I first saw it... thought that it wouldn't possibly be complex enough to be enjoyable.

As it turns out it is probably the most challenging of all the rhythm games that have been released in the guitar hero/rock band group and I really have enjoyed it once it picked up a bit. Irritated that the guitar-2P mixes are so limited in number however

Posted 06:59pm 06/11/09
I agree with some of your comments, but I dont know if the lack of a "sense of freedom" is a great criticism, doing so would have made it a completely different "game" - if such a thing could even be called a game - and certainly wouldnt fit within the larger *Hero franchise.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:34pm 06/11/09
I think there's room to have both controlled mixes and freestyle freedom in a single game though
Posted 08:36pm 06/11/09
I've played a bit of it but so far its just not really doing anything for me. Maybe i need to sit down with it a bit more.
Posted 10:36pm 06/11/09
The problem as someone watching this game is the music. Now I've not heard the anticipated daft punk set yet, but everything so far has been far from immaginative. Nova makes more interesting mash ups. (wait, do they still do those?)
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